Built-in Integrations

The RACS 5 system can be integrated with third-party systems from security, IT, Time & Attendance, and other industries. The availability and scope of a given integration depend on the specific version of the RACS 5 system and the version of the integrated product or system. Detailed descriptions of integrations are provided in the RACS 5 system application notes.

The RACS 5 offers the following built-in integrations:

Built-in IntegrationsArticleSolution BrochureApplication Note
Hikvision CCTV recorders Read more Download Download
Dahua CCTV recorders Read more Download Download
Hanwha Vision CCTV recorders Download
BCS (LINE, POINT) CCTV recorders Read more Download Download
EVOS CCTV recorders Read more Download Download
IPOX CCTV recorders Read more Download Download
CCTV cameras compatible with the ONVIF profile S standard Read more Download Download
Provision-ISR recorders Download
CCTV cameras compatible with the RTSP protocol Download
Hikvision and Dahua cameras with License Plate Recognition Read more Download Download
XProtect (Milestone) video monitoring system Read more Download Download
INTEGRA (SATEL) alarm control panels Read more Download Download
Galaxy Dimension (Honeywell) alarm control panels Download
FPA/AVENAR (Bosch) fire alarm control panels Download
POLON 4000/6000 (POLON-ALFA) fire protection systems – 
Integral EvoxX (Schrack Seconet) fire protection system
Cerberus Pro (Siemens) fire protection system Download
VENO (POLON-ALFA) security systems integration platform
DCS (KONE) elevator system Read more Download Download
Port Technology (Schindler) elevator system Read more Download
Aperio (ASSA ABLOY) wireless locks Download
Clex public online (Uhlmann & Zacher) wireless locks Download
Active Directory service Download
RKDS (Roger) key management and tracking system Read more Download Download
Card printers from Zebra, Magicard, DATACARD etc. Download
OMNIKEY 5x27 HID administrator readers for HID Prox, Indala Prox, HITAG, iClass and MIFARE® cards Download
ZK-RFID107 USB UHF (ZKHY) administrator reader
ZK-RFID102 UHF (ZKHY) long range reader Download
XT-5 UHF (TagMaster) long range reader
CR100 (Thales Gemalto) OCR reader
T&A data export to Symfonia, Optima, Gratyfikant, RCP Access Pro+, Teta, and WF-GANG programs Read more Download

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