Keys and Assets Management

Kontrola dostępu do kluczy i przedmiotów


Keys are a vital resource for any facility due to their function and the damage that can occur if they fall into the wrong hands. By protecting access to rooms, machines, vehicles, confidential documentation, or other valuable resources, they themselves require an effective security system. The key management and tracking system should provide access to them only to authorized persons and record the history of their circulation - in this way, the keys will be under constant supervision and the resources they protect will remain secure.

Access control to keys and assets allows you to protect shared enterprise resources, manage their use, and verify who and at what time had them at his disposal. This solution allows a clear and precise way to assign responsibility for the entrusted property and to settle it for its use. The control is carried out electronically, according to the authorizations granted to users in the system configuration process, and does not require additional service. This reduces labor costs and eliminates the possibility of human error. The RKDS key management and tracking system, available in the offer, was created to meet these needs.

The RKDS solution can work autonomously or as an integral part of the RACS 5 access control system. In the first case, the system is operated locally from the control panel or remotely from a web browser. Thanks to the intuitive menu of the control panel, both management and daily operation are possible after a short training. In the second case, the configuration and monitoring of the key distribution are performed from the level of the software managing the RACS 5 access control system, and the users of the RKDS system can use the same identifiers as in the RACS 5 system. A shared user database and the ability to manage their rights from one supervisory program are important utility values, both in terms of system daily operation and security.

The increased security level of keys/resources in the RKDS system can be obtained by using RKD24CT depositors with individual containers and by using such functions as double identification, commissioned key collecting, or the possibility of external authorization of the key collecting. In depositories with containers, access to a key or an object stored in a container is protected by an electronically locked door, and the content of the container is invisible.

The RKDS system consists of the RKD32 or RKD24CT depositor, which is equipped with a control panel, and the expansion depositories attached to the main depositor. By using expansion depositories, you can manage up to 192 keys from a single control panel. Larger installations can be handled by connecting RKD depositors to the VISO software. In such a scenario, the number of keys that the system can handle is practically unlimited. Deposits are offered in variants supporting different numbers of keys (8, 16, 24, 32) and options: with anti-burglary glass, with an electric roller shutter instead of the deposit door, without a door, with the key to open the case in the Master Key system and with the full door without glazing.

Set of 4 depositors managed
from one control panel

Zestaw 4 depozytorów ze wspólnym panelem sterującym


  • Electronically controlled access to keys
  • Key distribution tracking
  • User rights management
  • Reporting user activities and key distribution
  • Friendly, intuitive operation from the control panel
  • Access to keys after identification with a PIN code, card, or fingerprint
  • Standalone or network operation
  • Integration with the RACS 5 access control system
  • Management from the control panel, via a web browser or the RACS 5 access control system software
  • Reservation of keys
  • Access to keys based on a predefined schedule
  • Registration of photos of users collecting and returning the key
  • Tamper protection
  • Emergency unlocking of all keys
  • Software integration in third-party systems (SDK)
  • 10 years of post-warranty service


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