SENSOR Hotel Room Automation System


The automation of a hotel building can be designed in many ways and on a variety of equipment. Regardless of the adopted solution, it should take into account the specificity of the facility and the requirements of its users. In no case should it be an end in itself, with lots of "bells and whistles" and attractive additions obscuring the basic functionality. Using it should be intuitive for the guest, and it should not require any special preparation from the staff. Such a solution is SENSOR Online for the Hotel - a product aimed at tourist facilities such as hotels, guesthouses, apartments for rent, etc.

SENSOR is a system that takes into account the rhythm of the hotel's operation determined by arriving and departing guests. One card/key allows you to move around the entire facility within your rights. It opens the room, allows you to enter the parking lot, or allows you to go to the relaxation zone. The system will automatically set the optimal temperature, turn on the lighting, open the water valves, raise the blinds, etc. and after the end of the stay, without the intervention of the staff, it will switch the rooms to the parking mode, contributing to reducing the costs spent on the energy consumed. In addition, in the event of a failure, it will inform about flooding with water or freon leakage, and in rooms for people with disabilities, it will enable the call system to be activated. It is a very universal system that meets the requirements of both small boarding houses and multi-star hotels. It should be remembered that access control in this case is only 20-30% of its capabilities. The remaining functionality is usually purchased by investors from various manufacturers - here we have everything within one integrated package.

Development of the equipment dedicated to this system has been ongoing for over ten years. Roger and Piotr Narczyk - currently the director of technical experts at SENSOR-ONLINE Sp. z o. o. - started to cooperate on it in 2010. As a result of this cooperation, the first version of the firmware for the HRC102/402 series controllers was created. This was achieved thanks to almost 20 years of experience of both parties - one in the production of equipment, and the other in the HoReCa market.


When designing, the multi-passage controller was consciously omitted - its damage would mean the need to turn off several rooms, which is an unacceptable cost for the hotel. Therefore, in this case, one controller is responsible for one door/room, and the entire operating logic is contained in its internal software (so-called firmware). This solution has all the benefits of having an online system, and at the same time provides high security in the event of hardware, network, or management unit failure.

The online mode allows you to keep an eye on the situation at the facility. On one screen we will see the occupancy of rooms, the temperature distribution in the rooms, or the presence of guests in the rooms. In addition, the automatic notification system will send information about the events and alarms without unnecessary delays. Below is one of the examples:


In the event of damage to the communication bus or the central unit, each of the controllers switches to off-line mode, and the occurring events are recorded in the controller's internal memory. In this case, it is not possible to only issue new cards/keys - and those issued earlier still work properly. After the failure is removed, all events are downloaded by the central unit and made available for review.

Built-in and tested over the years hotel software of the room controller ensures very high stability of operation. Developed by practitioners, it just works.

For more details please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Case Study

The integration of the RACS 5 access control system with the SENSOR hotel automation system has been used in many leisure facilities. Further implementations are also underway, both in Poland and abroad. Learn about the history of successfully implemented Roger installations.

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