Time & Attendance

Kontrola dostępu do kluczy i przedmiotów


Time & Attendance (T&A) solution increases the efficiency of a modern workplace. The solution is used wherever the basis for the settlement of the performed work is time and where there is a need to monitor the performance of work in real-time. An additional benefit of using the T&A system is reducing the burden on HR departments with activities related to salary calculation and limiting the number of errors that may result from human mistakes. The electronic T&A system reduces the susceptibility of the time accounting system to various types of manipulations and automatically secures the archiving of data related to the settlement of working time. Billing results are available at any time and can be accessed by employees.

The time and attendance system enables the registration of events related to the performance of work (entry, exit, business exit, breakfast break, starting remote work, etc.), real-time monitoring of employees' presence, and settlement of working time. The system consists of time and attendance terminals (T&A terminals) and software for work time analysis and reporting. The T&A software collects information about events registered by employees, processes them according to the adopted configuration, and then reports the results. The registration of T&A events can be performed on dedicated recorders (terminals) or via a web browser.

The T&A software we offer, called RCP Master 4, precisely calculates the daily attendance of people at work, overtime, delays, early departures, night work, remote work, and other, in general, freely defined types of presence at work. The program enables creating and managing employee shift patterns (permanent and flexible), rotations, leaves, sick leaves, and other absences. Thanks to an additional module (RCPM 4 Web) employees can submit leave applications, track completed working time, and record remote work.

The RCP Master 4 software can operate autonomously or in an integrated environment with the RACS 5 access control system. In the second case, the access points can also be T&A registration points. Furthermore, what is a big advantage, both systems (AC and T&A) work with one synchronized database.

Standalone T&A systems are dedicated to small and medium-sized companies without an electronic access control system. In this case, the recording of events can take place on dedicated T&A terminals or downloaded from an external data source.


  • Server or file database
  • Standalone mode or integrated with the access control system
  • Operation of territorially distributed systems
  • Multi-station software in a client-server architecture
  • Flexible defined authorizations of program operators
  • Web application for employees and department managers
  • Advanced work time registration functions
  • Monitoring of employees' attendance
  • Data export to external HR and payroll programs


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