Provision-ISR, an Israeli manufacturer of CCTV solutions, has been in business since 2007.

Provision-ISR solutions

The company quickly gained a reputation as a supplier of reliable CCTV products, which, combined with an attractive CCTV offer, enabled it to build an extensive distribution network covering more than 40 countries, including Poland. Provision-ISR's offer includes products that can meet the needs of simple, basic installations and the most demanding, professional projects in large facilities.

RACS 5 access control system

In the latter category, Roger company is offering its flagship solution - RACS 5 access control system. The RACS 5 access control and building automation system is a business-class solution for technical security projects with high functional requirements. The system has been successfully recognized in the Polish market as a reliable, efficient alternative to corporate solutions. Simultaneously RACS 5 is building a similar reputation in foreign markets.

Integration of RACS 5 Access Control System with Provision-ISR CCTV

Benefits of integrating the RACS 5 access control system with Provision-ISR CCTV

Integration of the RACS access control system with Provision-ISR's CCTV products can bring many benefits to the investor. The possibility of linking video and images from the CCTV system with events and alarms recorded in the access control system allows them to be quickly and precisely verified and to respond effectively to threats occurring at any given moment. In addition, it is possible to play back recorded clips/photos during post-incident investigations. The integration also enables live viewing of camera images in the access control system.

The RACS 5 access control system has built-in the VISO SMS module for managing integrated security systems. VISO SMS includes a notification monitor function, which records and presents threats in real-time. It also includes a map module that allows the location of a given threat and remote verification in the CCTV system. Thanks to the integration, it is possible to view the Provision-ISR cameras from a map of the facility, which significantly improves the work of guards responsible for security at the facility.

Provision-ISR CCTV capabilities within the integration with the RACS 5 system

  • Display live video or image on demand or automatically when a specific event occurs;
  • Display of recorded video or image for individual events (DVR or NVR required);
  • Video monitoring of users and doors in the Attendance Zone monitored by CCTV;
  • Live monitoring of the camera in different layouts from the VISO software for more efficient management.

The integration can be used in office buildings, industrial plants, big-box stores, stadiums, museums, government buildings, and many other facilities, especially those required to maintain compliance with the NDAA directive.


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