Introduced in 2016, the RACS 5 access control and building automation system is designed for business-class facilities, mainly in the commercial sector.

The system has gained a reputation, as a reliable and functional solution in the most demanding access control projects. Currently, the RACS 5 system operates in many office buildings and office complexes in major Polish cities.

The Zonifero Mobile Application

The Zonifero mobile application is designed for office space management. The application enables conference rooms, desks, parking spaces and other space booking. In addition, the app provides the possibility to locate employees, vacant desks, rooms or other office areas, helping to increase the efficiency of office space management in the facility.

RACS 5 Access Control System Integration with Zonifero

About the Integration of the RACS 5 Access Control System with the Zonifero Mobile Application

Who, where, and when are the questions that both solutions provide answers to. The integration of the RACS 5 access control system with the Zonifero mobile application naturally increases the benefits of installing both simultaneously in an office building.

The integration was executed by Zonifero based on the Integration Server service provided by the RACS 5 system. The integration is realised on the basis of two-way communication and enables comprehensive management of the office resources provided, starting with the booking of parking spaces with their location on an interactive map, meetings in an integrated calendar, company cars, assets or equipment. It is also possible to report problems and malfunctions to the system administrator and organise meetings for both employees and external guests. Thanks to the integration, there is no need to additionally grant the necessary access rights to the resources controlled by the RACS 5 access control system, which significantly improves the use of the solution. In addition, thanks to the use of QR readers, visitors to the building can conveniently and quickly move around the building by scanning the QR code they received in the e-mail invitation to the meeting. This code works in a similar way to a virtual card and allows access to specific spaces, with the difference that downloading an app to a phone is not necessary.

Benefits of Integrating the RACS 5 Access Control System with the Zonifero Mobile Application

The collaboration between Zonifero and Roger guarantees project support for the integrated solution at every stage, from product selection (hardware and software) to support during the installation and configuration phase and after-sales support.

The integrated solution has been successfully implemented in such prestigious facilities as the Carbon Tower office building of the Cavatina SA holding and the LAKESIDE office complex of the developer ATENOR.

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