Hanwha Vision, a South Korean manufacturer of CCTV solutions, has been in the electronic security market for more than 30 years.

The first camera designed for use in a CCTV system was developed in 1990. Hanwha Vision CCTV products are characterised by a high level of functionality, in terms of data collection and analysis, including AI-based image analytics. The manufacturer offers business intelligence solutions for companies in many sectors of the economy. Its portfolio includes products for the implementation of video surveillance, the Smart City Solution supporting the management of agglomerations, the Smart Retail Solution for shopping centres and malls, and the Smart Factory Solution for industrial plants.

The RACS 5 access control system

The RACS 5 access control and building automation system is designed for business-class facilities. The system successfully implements access control and manages the movement of people, equipment, and various assets. Moreover, the solution collects data for time and attendance purposes, while the built-in VISO SMS module monitors other security systems. RACS 5 system is very often used in office buildings, industrial plants, hospitals, campuses, stadiums and other complex facilities. The RACS 5 system has gained a reputation as a proven solution in the project market in Poland while building the same reputation in foreign markets.

Integration of the RACS 5 Access Control System with Hanwha Vision CCTV

Projects using Hanwha Vision products and solutions and the RACS 5 access control system can very often overlap. The integration of both solutions naturally brings tangible benefits to the investor.

Hanwha Vision CCTV capabilities within the integration with the RACS 5 system

  • Live viewing of cameras in the access control system management software in different window layouts, monitoring on a site map of the CCTV operation from the SMS module, as well as the ability to display images or live video after a specific event - this allows implementing and automating security rules, translating into more effective security guards operations.
  • The ability to play back recorded video for specific events recorded in the access control system when there is a DVR/NVR in the system - this allows for better analysis of adverse events and identification of persons responsible for them.
  • Video monitoring to record and account for working time - this significantly reduces the possibility of circumventing the company's time registration rules.

RACS 5 is integrated with many CCTV systems. When a project requires compliance with the NDAA, the integration of RACS 5 with CCTV from Hanwha Vision makes it possible to meet this condition.


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