The CBC Group, an international corporation with headquarters based in Tokyo, is a company with vibrant experience in the development of new technologies.

The company will celebrate its centenary in 2025. The company has provided specialised security solutions under the GANZ Security brand for over 45 years. The CBC Group employs more than 3,000 people in 32 consulting and sales branches and factories worldwide.

The beginnings of GANZ CORTROL VMS software

In 2016, CBC introduced GANZ CORTROL VMS software, a CCTV management environment. The solution is offered in the advanced security installations market in various projects. By offering it to this market, the company provides expert advice in the conception and design and is actively involved in system commissioning, training and technical support for customers.

Launch of the RACS 5 access control system on the market

Also in 2016, Roger's RACS 5 access control and building automation system was launched. It is also designed for the project market and enables the implementation of access control in the most demanding installations - primarily for facilities such as office buildings, factories, stadiums, hospitals, campuses, public sector or modern residential estates. The RACS 5 system, a reliable and functional solution offered at a good price by a domestic manufacturer, has been successfully adopted on the Polish market, while also building a reputation on foreign markets.

Benefits of integrating the RACS 5 access control system with GANZ CORTROL software

The two solutions naturally complement each other, while the combination of their functionalities offers unique benefits to the investor. The integration of GANZ CORTROL software with the RACS 5 access control system unifies the user interface, which significantly optimises control processes. Events generated in one module (e.g. from a Roger reader) automatically trigger reactions in other segments of the system. This results in increased operational efficiency, reduced potential operator errors and strengthened system security mechanisms. Unlike human guard intervention, the advanced system architecture does not allow security protocols to be broken in restricted areas.

GANZ CORTROL VMS software capabilities within the integration with the RACS 5 system

  • Access to the user database of the RACS 5 system;
  • Access to the list of entrances supported by the RACS 5 system;
  • Video monitoring of doors/passages;
  • Online monitoring of events at doors/passages;
  • Overview of the history of events at doors/passages;
  • Visualisation of the status of doors/passages on e-maps;
  • Changing the state of individual doors (two-way integration).

The GANZ CORTROL VMS app offers advanced reports that take into account events recorded by the access control system and its user data. This data is entered in the access control system, while in the GANZ CORTROL VMS app, it can be retrieved and used to generate reports. This provides an overview of events from the access control system with the associated video. In addition, there is no need to switch between the interfaces of the VMS and access control systems.

The correct installation of all components of the GANZ CORTROL software and the RACS 5 system allows the access control system logs to be viewed in the following modes:

  • events: search for door events by door, event or cardholder;
  • doors: list of doors with current statuses;
  • cardholders: list of cardholders (users).

Events can be filtered by time interval, door name, specific cardholder name, and target event name, e.g.: Door: list of doors with current statuses; Cardholders: list of cardholders (cardholders).

  • see which doors a particular user has opened during the day;
  • check whether a person is using their access card by comparing the cardholder photo with the camera recording;
  • check the current status of a door and manually lock/unlock it if necessary.

In Event mode, the video footage associated with any event in the list can be played. Door mode allows viewing the current status of any door in the list. System administrators can also manually lock/unlock a door from this level. Cardholder mode displays a list of all cardholders registered in the access control system database. If the administrator entering new users into the RACS 5 system adds their photos, the photo preview will also be visible in the CORTROL system. This makes it easy for the operator to check whether there is a match between the video footage from the camera and the image of the card the user used to open the door.

Configuration of the RACS 5 system in the CORTROL environment

Configuration of the access control software in the CORTROL environment is simple and takes just several minutes. In return, security system operators receive a consistent and user-friendly interface. Importantly, even the most complex scenarios are fully automated and require one-time configuration. The collaboration of the two systems also minimises the risk of human-induced errors. In addition, the integration of the RACS 5 access control system with CORTROL software enables the entire facility to be controlled from a single location, regardless of the number of buildings or doors.

Facilities using the integration of the RACS 5 system with GANZ CORTROL VMS software

The integration is used by such public sector facilities as the Waterworks of the City of Kraków, while among warehouses and logistics facilities, the capabilities of the GANZ CORTROL VMS and RACS 5 access control are used in POLOmarket facilities.


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