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Telbud SA has been providing solutions in the field of telecommunications, technical protection of facilities, automation and supervision and control since 1987.

The company specialises in the design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of complex technical security systems together with communication and power supply installations from various manufacturers. The ARGUS platform developed by Telbud SA is based on proprietary PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) software.

The RACS 5 access control system

Roger's RACS 5 access control and building automation system is a solution designed for the business-class systems sector (Enterprise). This proprietary Polish access control system has already gained a good reputation in the market of big security projects. RACS 5 is very often the solution of choice in the commercial, industrial, public or healthcare sectors as an indigenous alternative to corporate solutions from Western suppliers. RACS 5 has met the expectations of, among others, facilities such as the Polsat Plus Arena in Gdańsk, Drutex, Europe's largest window factory, the Children's Memorial Health Centre hospital and built by Cavatina holding's various office buildings across the country.


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ARGUS PSIM platform capabilities within the integration with the RACS 5 system

Integration of the ARGUS PSIM with the RACS 5 access control system (developed by Telbud SA via the Integration Server provided in the RACS 5 system) allows day-to-day supervision and control of the system and user management. Using additionally the capabilities of other technical security systems, such as video or alarm systems, ARGUS PSIM identifies real threats - analysing collected events and incoming alarms from, among others, access control devices. At the same time, the system allows elements of individual systems to be tied into events, displaying, for example, in the graphical interface, an image from the nearest camera together with an unwanted event from the access control or intruder alarm system. It provides information about abnormalities in an intuitive and accessible way, making it easier for the operator to take further action. The system also provides ready-made procedures for incoming events or alarm situations, guiding the operator step-by-step through the decision-making process. This makes it possible, for example, to open selected doors or access control secured gates in the event of evacuation or the need for emergency services to enter in the event of various random events or acts of external aggression, not necessarily related to firefighting actions.

Benefits of integrating the RACS 5 access control system with the ARGUS PSIM platform

The cooperation of Polish suppliers of advanced technological solutions, resulting in the above-mentioned integration, makes it possible to provide unique solutions for facilities with a high level of requirements. Both systems are offered in the same segment of the electronic security market. The combination of the advantages of both systems and the benefits brought by their integration can be a great convenience for the investor at the stage of selecting a solution, especially where design requirements aimed at securing the facility, its resources and users are high. The usefulness of the integration is confirmed by projects implemented, among others, in public sector units, where operational activities required the highest level of security, which was achieved using the ARGUS PSIM and RACS 5 systems.

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