Integration with Milestone VMS XProtect Software

The RACS 5 access control and building automation system offers integration with VMS XProtect software from Milestone Systems A/S.

About solution

The RACS 5 access control and building automation system offers integration with VMS XProtect software from Milestone Systems A/S.

There are two scenarios of integration between the access control system and the XProtect software platform, which if necessary can be used simultaneously.

In the first scenario events from the access control system are forwarded to the VMS software, where they are presented and processed in the same way as events from other building security systems and in particular, can be presented on graphically and functionally advanced maps of the facility. Also, in this concept, it is possible to issue commands to control access doors and to monitor their status. Another functionality provided by this scenario is remote access authorization and presentation of alarms from the access control system in the VMS software.

In the second of the implemented forms of integration the access control system software (VISO) can download photos and videos from the VMS system on similar principles as from CCTV video recorders.

The integration between RACS 5 system and VMS software enables the access system to be used in installations where advanced forms of video supervision and monitoring of system are required, often along with security guard personnel conducting continuous video surveillance, as well as in those systems where the visualization of the building security systems is required in an integrated video environment.

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