MC16-HRC Hotel Room Access Controller RACS 5 in Hotel Applications

The MC16-HRC hotel room access controller is a variation of the MC16-PAC standard access controller, in which additional functions related to hotel room management have been made available.
  • MC16-HRC
  • MC16-HRC


The MC16-HRC hotel room access controller is a variation of the MC16-PAC standard access controller, in which additional functions related to hotel room management have been made available.

MC16-HRC provides room management in cooperation with dedicated terminals and I/O expansions, in particular with a corridor (room entry) reader (MCT82M-IO-HR) and a card holder (MCT82M-IO-CH or MCT86M-IO-CH-HR).

The system enables control and signalling of the following services: Buffet, Baggage, Cleaning, Help, Service, Do Not Disturb and statuses: Check-in and Guest in a room. Signalling of the above along with room automation states can be monitored on an ongoing basis from the VISO management program and signalled on LED indicators and output lines. The MCT82M-IO-HR corridor reader has four programmable LEDs and a door bell button. These LEDs are usually used to signal the status of a room and services: Cleaning and Do Not Disturb. The bell may be signalled on the external chime or the internal loudspeaker of the terminal installed inside the room (e.g. card holder). The system recognizes the code of the card inserted in the card holder and, depending on its authorisations, switches on the electrical power supply and other devices or systems available in the room (e.g. air-conditioning).

Function buttons on touch panels are usually used to control hotel services and lighting. Any combination of lighting (the so-called light scene) can be controlled from the function touch panels, buttons connected to the controller inputs, system managing software or by using a card with appropriate authorisations. Control of room automation, including lighting, can be concurrently carried out from multiple places and using a variety of methods.

The MC16-HRC controller is offered in 4 versions, which allow for servicing from 1 to 4 rooms. Due to the security requirements, the devices of the RACS 5 system used in hotels are offered only in the versions which support encrypted memory sectors of the MIFARE® proximity card. The MC16-HRC controller uses the same electronic module as the MC16 access controller and offers the same hardware expansion options.


access doors  1 2 3 4
access points 2 4 6 8
access terminals 4 8 12 16
access zones 2 4 6 8
alarm zones 2 4 6 8
power supplies 2 4 6 8
automation nodes 4 8 12 16
local commands 2 4 6 8
inputs 8 12 18 24
outputs 16 32 48 64
function keys 12 24 36 48
access credentials 8192
access doors per access points 1


Hotel room access controller board; 1-room license

Hotel room access controller board; 2-room license

Hotel room access controller board; 3-room license

Hotel room access controller board; 4-room license


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