VISO ST Application for RACS 5 System Management and Configuration

VISO ST software is a Windows application for configuration and management of RACS 5 ST access control and building automation system.



VISO ST software is a Windows application for configuration and management of RACS 5 ST access control and building automation system.

The standard version (RACS 5 ST) managed by VISO ST software offers both typically expected access control features and advanced functionalities beyond the popular access control. RACS 5 ST is dedicated to medium and big installations, also distributed ones, where subsystems are connected to a central system in a wide area network (WAN). VISO ST is offered free of charge in the starter version and can support up to 16 doors and 500 users.

In the case of installations exceeding the starter version of VISO ST, a base license (VISO BASE ST) is offered. This version supports up to 32 doors and 1000 users. The VISO ST base license can be extended by purchasing licenses for individual functionalities. VISO BASE ST can handle a maximum of 128 doors, and for installations exceeding these parameters, the advanced version of VISO EX is offered.

The most significant improvements and new features in VISO ST in the RACS 5 v2 system:

  • Can work in territorially distributed systems
  • An extensive module for the visualization of integrated systems
  • Possibility of remote configuration of bus devices
  • Further integration with CCTV systems
  • 64-bit version of the software
  • Discontinuation of file database support

Additionally mobile version (VISO Mobile) and web browser version (VISO Web) are offered. Both VISO Mobile and VISO Web are dedicated to daily management of the system especially in regard of user management and system monitoring and contrary to VISO ST and VISO EX they cannot be used for system configuration.

RACS 5 software is modular and it includes such programs as license server, communication server and integration server which is used for communication with third party software. VISO application is not necessary for current operation of the system and can be started only when needed. VISO can be operated on multiple displays and it enables configuration of tiles for frequent tasks.


  • MS SQL Server database
  • management from multiple workstation
  • encrypted communication with system devices and servers
  • configurable rights for system operators
  • operators actions recorded in log
  • unlimited number of users in the system
  • maximum number of access door is 128
  • user groups, persons, visitors, and assets management
  • monitoring of user and asset relocations
  • user time attendance reporting for freely configurable system areas.
  • current system operation monitored in text mode (table) and graphic mode (maps)
  • monitoring of selected access doors including automatic display of associated video stream
  • hotel services signalization monitoring
  • event reporting for external Time&Attendance systems
  • configurable Time&Attendance modes
  • monitoring and control of external objects by means of logical automation nodes
  • configurable event types for selected logical automation nodes
  • system control by means of remote commands
  • remote access authorization by VISO operators
  • automatic system reactions for selected events
  • configurable alerts for selected events
  • alert monitoring by VISO operators
  • alerts reported by data transmission
  • alerts reported by email transmission
  • integration with HIKVISION and DAHUA recorders
  • integration with ONVIF cameras
  • operation with administrator reader(s)
  • operation with PoS terminals
  • support for assets renting and monitoring
  • configurable asset renting authorizations
  • designing and printing templates on proximity cards
  • wizards for quick system configuration
  • wizards for user and visitor enrolment and management


License for the RACS 5 system management software; startup version; does not require the License Key nor a hardware key; license registration available; free version limitations:
- up to 16 doors
- up to 500 users
- 1 operator workstation
- 1 communication service
- 50 objects on Maps

License for the RACS 5 system management software; base version; license activation requires the License Key; base version limitations:
- up to 32 doors (max. up to 128)
- up to 1000 users (can be expanded without limit)
- 1 operator workstation (max. up to 10)
- 1 communication service (max. up to 3)
- 250 objects on Maps

License for an additional 16 doors

License for an additional 32 doors

License for an additional 64 doors

License for an additional 100 users

License for an additional 500 users

License for an additional 1000 users

License for 1 additional VISO operator workstation

VISO Web application license

VISO Mobile (Android, iOS) application license

License for 1 additional communication service

License for software integration with INTEGRA (SATEL) alarm control panels; a separate license is required for each control panel

License for software integration with CCTV (Dahua, Hikvision, BCS)

Visitor management module license

License for VISO module that enables designing an overprint on proximity cards

License enables management of RKD32 Key Cabinet from VISO ST software; the license is required for each RKD32/RKD32EXT Key Cabinet

Software hardware key

Network license key



pdf AN005 RACS 5 Software and PC Requirements (561 KB)

pdf VISO ST Data Sheet (134 KB)

pdf RogerSVC Data Sheet (117 KB)

archive VISO v2.0.8.35855 (249.16 MB)
Windows OS software dedicated to RACS 5 system setup and management.
Note! Application works with firmware MC16 v1.7.4.653 and higher - Download from here
The file database is no longer supported. Please read the application note AN015 before installation.

archive RogerSVC v2.0.8.35855 (190.68 MB)
Roger Service Manager pack
Note! For multi-user operation, the pack should be installed on one computer (e.g. on a server) only.
Pack works with firmware MC16 v1.7.4.653 and higher -Download from here

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