MC16-BAC Building Automation Controller

MC16-BAC is a controller designed to implement building automation functions within the RACS 5 system.
  • MC16-BAC
  • MC16-BAC


MC16-BAC is a controller designed to implement building automation functions within the RACS 5 system.

In this controller, the functions of building automation are performed through the so-called automation nodes. The automation node is a logical state in the controller memory which, on the one hand, can be controlled by the user, and on the other hand, can itself control another state of the controller, in particular, the state of another automation node. The state of the automation node can be replicated on the output lines and thus be used to control systems or devices used in the building (roller shutters, lighting, air conditioning, heating, ventilation and others). The state of the automation node can be controlled manually (function key, remote command, logging on the reader, button connected to the input line) or automatically from the level of time schedules.

In the case of using the so-called RACS 5 Integration Server, it is possible to control the automation nodes and read their status from an external application (e.g. BMS system). As in the RACS 5 access controllers, the input and output lines in the MC16-BAC controller are multifunctional and the output lines can be controlled using priorities and modulation. Depending on the version, the controller supports up to 64 automation nodes.

As in other MC16 series controllers, communication with the VISO management application is encrypted and takes place via the LAN / WAN network. The MC16-BAC controller support is available in the free version of the VISO ST management software and is not limited in the number of controllers supported in the system.


access doors 0 0 0 0
access points 4 8 16 32
access terminals 8 16 32 64
access zones 0 0 0 0
alarm zones 0 0 0 0
power supplies 4 8 16 32
automation nodes 8 16 32 64
local commands 4 8 16 32
inputs 16 32 64 128
outputs 16 32 64 128
function keys 16 32 64 128
access credentials 8192 8192 8192 8192
access doors per access point 8 8 8 8
displays 4 8 16 32


Building automation controller; 8 automation nodes license

Building automation controller; 16 automation nodes license

Building automation controller; 32 automation nodes license

Building automation controller; 64 automation nodes license



pdf MC16 Installation Manual (368 KB)
The manual refers to controllers with firmware v1.7.4 and higher

pdf MC16 Operating Manual (1.54 MB)
The manual refers to controllers with firmware v1.7.4 and higher

pdf MC16 Declaration of Conformity EC (104 KB)

pdf MC16 Declaration PN-EN50133 (117 KB)

archive MC16 Firmware v1.1.1.208 (503 KB)

archive MC16 Firmware v1.7.4.653 (533 KB)
Note! Updating the firmware to version 1.7.4 requires a new controller license file. In version, support for alarm functions in the controller's Alarm Zone has been removed!

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