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MC16-PAC-EX-2-KIT Access Control Kit

Access control kit designed to support two doors in the EX version of RACS 5 v2 system.
  • MC16-PAC-EX-2-KIT
  • MC16-PAC-EX-2-KIT


Access control kit designed to support two doors in the EX version of RACS 5 v2 system.

The kit includes a metal enclosure with a power supply, a networked access controller, and an I/O expander. The set supports two read-in/read-out doors using RS485 readers (MCT series readers or OSR readers equipped with OSDP protocol), RACS CLK/DTA (PRT series readers), or readers with Wiegand interface.

Each door is supported by an independent set of power outputs consisting of a 0.2 A output to power the readers and a 1.0 A output to power the lock and other door elements. The battery charging current can be set to 0.3 A, 0.6 A, or 0.9 A. The kit provides a complete supply of both controlled doors.


  • access control kit for 2 doors
  • read-in/read-out door control
  • MC16-PAC-EX-2 network access controller
  • MCX2D I/O expander
  • support for MCT series readers (16 readers)
  • support for PRT series readers (interface to support up to 4 readers)
  • support for readers with the Wiegand interface (up to 4 readers)
  • support for readers with OSDP interface (16 readers, MCI-3 interface required)
  • 2 power outputs 0.2 A
  • 2 power outputs 1.0 A
  • 3 A/0.6 A/0.9 A battery charging current
  • protection against deep discharge
  • tamper switch
  • space for 7 Ah battery
  • 13.8 V/3 A AC adapter
  • dimensions: 290.0 x 280.0 x 80.0 mm (height x width x depth)



Access control kit for 2 doors; ME-15 metal enclosure; MC16-PAC-EX-2 networked access controller; MCX2D I/O expander; PS2D power supply

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