What's New in Our Offer

With the release of our new price list (valid from 1st August 2023), we have introduced a number of changes to our offer, among them there are new products, product updates, and discontinued.

A New Version of Access Control Kits for RACS 5 System

Factory pre-installed access control kits for 1, 2, 3 or 4 doors in RACS 5 allow to build easily and quickly access control solutions within the system. Just add the access terminals (e.g. a MIFARE DESFire proximity reader or a BLE/NFC/QR reader), and you've got a ready-to-install access control solution.

access control kits

Access control kits are among the most popular products in our range. Their new version features a number of improvements, including a modified layout of the kit components and additional space, which translates into a more convenient product installation. 

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Changes to the Range of Metal Enclosures

The new metal enclosures that are part of the access control kits mentioned above are also available separately. The ME-40-24V enclosure is included in the access control kit for one door (MC16-PAC-1-KIT), while the ME-40 enclosure is included in the other kits.

metal enclosures

In addition, we have introduced the ME-43, ME-43-S and ME-44-S enclosures. These enclosures can be used for the installation of electronic modules within the RACS 5 system, as well as other electronic modules from our range in other solutions (e.g. RACS 4) The enclosures will eventually replace the ME-2-D and ME-5-S models, which are currently on closing sale. We are also selling out previous versions of metal enclosures for RACS 5: ME-14-24V, ME-15 and ME-17.

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Integration of Clex Wireless Locks from Uhlmann & Zacher in the RACS 5 System

The functionality of the wired RACS 5 access control system has been extended by the possibility of connecting Clex public online wireless locks from the reputable German manufacturer Uhlmann & Zacher. Expansion of the wired system with Clex wireless locks creates an interesting offer for investors looking for reliable solutions, especially where installation of wired devices is troublesome or impossible.

integration with UZ locks

Connection of Clex wireless locks to the MC16 access controller requires to use of MCX16-UZ series expanders. The MCX16-UZ-2/MCX16-UZ-4/MCX16-UZ-8 expanders have been introduced to our offer to allow the connection of 2, 4 or 8 Clex locks to the MC16 controller respectively.

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New Integrations in the RACS 5 Access Control System

The functionality of the RACS 5 access control system is continually being extended. Among the latest extensions in VISO software dedicated to system management, further integrations have been added, including with:

  • Integral EvoxX fire alarm system (Schrack Seconet);
  • POLON 4000 and POLON 6000 fire alarm systems (POLON-ALFA);
  • VENO security systems integration platform (POLON-ALFA);
  • PSIM WinGuard platform (Advancis);
  • lift system (KONE) via RCGIF protocol.

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Other New Products

Other new products introduced into our offer include:

The RLK-1 network hardware licence key is designed to activate the licence key for Roger software. The key connects to an Ethernet network running the License Server software from the RogerSVC software package version 2.0.8.x or higher. Communication with the key is encrypted using the AES128b CBC EtM method. The RLK-1 is used when installing licensed software on virtual machines and where the connection of the RUD-6-LKY USB dongle is not possible.

licence key rlk-1

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The MFC-8 card, on the other hand, completes the range of proximity products for access control installations where a high level of cyber security is required. The MFC-8 card allows the operation of a number programmed in the card's memory (SSN). The SSN is encrypted with individually set passwords, making it copy-protected.

proximity card

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Changes to the Range of Apartment Locks

The range of apartment locks has so far included two models: ADL-2 and ADL-2-BLE. The ADL-2-BLE lock provided the same functionality as the ADL-2, with the addition of mobile user identification via BLE. The lock portfolio was simplified. The function to support mobile identification via BLE was included in the ADL-2 lock, and the ADL-2-BLE lock has been withdrawn.

adl2 locks

ADL-2 lock functionality has been extended. We have added new PIN handling features, including the ability to locally program from 4 to 8-digit PINs into the lock from the phone. In addition, we have added support for shortened PIN codes generated remotely.

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Products Sale Out

We have launched a sale of the following models of PRT series MIFARE proximity readers:

The reader's sale out will continue until stocks last, after which the products will be removed from the range.

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Products Removed from the Offer

The following products have been removed from the offer within the new price list issue:

  • MC16-EVK lift access controller for KONE KGC system
  • MCI16-EVK communication interface dedicated for lift system integration with RACS 5 access control system
  • LIC-VISO-EX-DKBA licence for integration with dormakaba locks
  • ME-16 metal enclosure for RACS 5 access control system.

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