New Release (2.0.6) of VISO Software for RACS 5 Access Control System

VISO 2.0.6 software for the management of the RACS 5 access control system introduces a number of new features and improvements, the most important of which include integration with the fire alarm system Cerberus by Siemens and support for recorders and cameras by Hanwha Vision and BCS Point.

The above novelties complement the available integrations of the RACS 5 access control system and, in combination, create a solution that qualifies for large installations where central management of the security system from a single software platform is required, which in this case is VISO SMS.

Other features added to the software include support for PTZ cameras and security scenarios defining/executing (VISO SMS). Security scenarios enable the creation of predefined procedures for the operation of the facility in the event of emergency situations, and in particular, situations that pose a threat to life, health, or property. Support for PTZ cameras is an extension of the existing CCTV functionality of the VISO software, that significantly improves and expands the possibilities for verifying threats and coordinating preventive action.

Other new functionalities include the ability to map data fields as part of the integration with Active Directory, the ability to update the software of multiple MC16 controllers simultaneously, and the function to generate, export, and print identifiers in the form of a QR code. Identification by means of a QR code printed or displayed on a telephone screen saves the expense of RFID cards, while the use of integration with directory services allows user management to be transferred to a central system, which in this case is the Active Directory service. 


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