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Effective security of facility often requires the simultaneous cooperation of many security systems. It is important to ensure that this process is carried out efficiently and comfortably. Instead of using many tools at once, it is much more convenient to use one. To meet these expectations, Roger has introduced VISO SMS software to its offer, which enables the monitoring and visualisation of security systems from a single platform. This makes facility management simpler and more efficient.

About the VISO SMS solution

The VISO SMS (Security Management System) is a solution that integrates building systems within a single software platform. Its primary task is to centrally monitor subordinate systems. In addition, this solution enables operators to obtain a clear view of the situation in the monitored area, allowing for efficient and quick decision-making and reacting to events such as fire, burglary, failure, etc.

VISO SMS features

  • Automated detection of alarm situations within a single platform
  • Supporting the operator in taking the right action in the alarm situation according to the established security policy, including verification of false alarms
  • Supporting the implementation and supervision of maintenance and service work
  • Recording of operator actions including system configuration and operation

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Systems integrated with the VISO SMS

VISO SMS can function as a master platform integrating various security systems, or as a module of the RACS 5 access control system. The solution supports the work of people responsible for facility security, enabling them to monitor, visualise and manage the following systems:

Intruder Alarm Systems 

Perimeter Protection System 


Access Control System 

Fire Alarm Systems 

  • Bosch (FPA, AVENAR) 
  • Siemens (Cerberus PRO) 
  • Schrack Seconet (Integral EvoxX) 
  • POLON-ALFA (POLON 4000 and POLON 6000) 
  • ESSER by Honeywell (FlexES Control, IQ8 Control C/M) 


  • DVRs/NVRs and cameras: Hikvision, Dahua, Hanwha Vision, BCS LINE, BCS POINT, Provision-ISR, IPOX, EVOS and Tiandy 
  • VMS systems: Milestone XProtect, VMS Bosch, Avigilon Control Center
  • Cameras: PTZ Hikvision, Dahua, BCS LINE, BCS POINT, Provision-ISR and IPOX
  • Cameras in ONVIF and RTSP standards

Locating alarms on maps 

One of the most important aspects of building safety management is not only the ability to immediately receive notifications about alarms and failures but also to visualise them appropriately on maps for easy problem location and then their verification and solving. VISO SMS includes a notification monitor that registers and presents various alarms on an ongoing basis. It also has a map module that allows to locate given alarm and verify it remotely using a CCTV system. Both tools are highly configurable in terms of operation and appearance.

Security scenarios

An important aspect of the work of a security system supervisor is the correct detection of alarms and the efficient implementation of actions planned in response to these situations. For this purpose, procedures are being developed for system operators to follow in order to effectively respond to emergency situations at the facility.

The VISO SMS module allows you to develop in advance and then display the procedure for the operator when a given alarm or failure occurs. Such a procedure, called a security scenario, not only contains a list of actions to be performed but also allows the operator to interactively trigger actions such as calling a supervisor, sending a mobile text (SMS) or an e-mail, generating an attendance report, etc.

Maintenance of security systems 

VISO SMS also offers additional functionalities in the field of registration and organization of service and maintenance works, including the ability to add notes to such elements on the map as, e.g. detectors, doors, or cameras, and also registers test alarms from fire detectors.

Facilities using the VISO SMS

The VISO SMS security management system is used in various market sectors. The solution was implemented, among others, at the Wrocław University of Economics, the Kupiec production plant, the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park or the Lixa C office building.




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