Integration with CCTV

The RACS 5 system offers the possibility of software integration with CCTV recorders, network cameras as well as VMS (Video Management System) platforms designed for comprehensive service of CCTV systems.

In the general case, two functional scenarios are possible for this integration. In the first scenario, photos and videos from the CCTV system, as well as a camera live view are available in the VISO program which is used for the management of an access control system. In the second scenario, the VMS program that controls the CCTV system gets access to selected data, mainly events from the access control system, and enables commanding of the access system from the VMS software level, e.g. access granting, emergency locking or unlocking doors, etc. The first scenario is mainly used in smaller installations, where the security staff monitors the object from the level of the VISO program or there is no security staff in the facility, but it is required to replay photos or videos associated with selected events from the access control system.

In the second scenario, facility monitoring is provided on the level of the VMS platform and the access control system is one of many security systems integrated with the VMS software. In this scenario, events from the access control system are presented in the VMS software and can cause automatic reactions in it.

Besides, in the VMS software, it is possible to monitor the doors and other places of the access control system as well as send remote commands to this system. Usually, these are door control commands, but in the general case, they can be any type of command available in the access control system, e.g. automation or alarm system control.

As part of CCTV integration with the RACS 5 access control system, the following features are available:

  • Photo and video downloading from BCS (LINE, POINT), Dahua, EVOS, Hanwha Vision, Hikvision, IPOX, and Provision-ISR DVRs and NVRs
  • Live view from cameras connected to BCS (LINE, POINT), Dahua, EVOS, Hanwha Vision, Hikvision, IPOX and Provision-ISR DVRs and NVRs
  • Live view from ONVIF Profile S IP cameras
  • Live view from RTSP IP cameras
  • Video monitoring of access doors in the VISO program
  • Integration with VMS XProtect (Milestone) software
  • Integration with VMS NetStation Enterprise (Alnet Systems) software
  • Integration with VMS GANZ CORTROL (CBC Group) software
  • Integration with VMS LUXRIOT EVO (Luxriot) software

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