RCC512 Cabinet Access Control Panel

The RCC512 cabinet controller enables electronic access control to cabinets, lockers, deposit boxes, etc.
  • RCC512
  • RCC512


The RCC512 cabinet controller enables electronic access control to cabinets, lockers, deposit boxes, etc.

The cabinets are connected to the controller via MCX8-BRD expanders. Each expander enables the connection of 8 cabinets. In total, the controller can handle up to 512 cabinets. Access to the cabinet is controlled via an electric lock. The locker can be equipped with an opening sensor and an occupancy indicator. Cabinets can be divided into groups (e.g. of different sizes) with individual access rights.

RCC512 can work in the mode with a cabinet assigned on request or with a cabinet permanently assigned to the user. In the latter case, depending on the selected operating mode, multiple users or multiple cabinets can be assigned to a single user. In addition, the controller provides the so-called storage mode, which allows the locker to be used by a person having a one-time PIN code. Another mode of operation is the parcel drop box mode, in which a user with the so-called Postman Authorisation can deposit items (parcels), which are then collected using a one-time code.

Access to the cabinets can be granted using the touch screen control panel or external MCT series readers (Roger). In the latter case, each of the readers can control access to the associated group of lockers. System users are identified by means of a proximity card and/or PIN code. An external identification reader with Wiegand or RS485 (Roger) interface can be attached to the control panel and used instead of or concurrently with the proximity reader built into the control panel. In particular, the RFT1000 (Roger) fingerprint reader or the MCT80M-BLE proximity/Bluetooth reader can be connected to the control panel.

The simple, graphic symbol-based software offers intuitive, simple to learn, user interface. The RCC512 controller can operate in a standalone or network mode. In the network mode, configuration and monitoring of the cabinets is carried out from the software of the RACS 5 access control system (VISO v2). The RCC512 and RACS 5 users can utilize the same identifiers (cards, PINs). In the standalone variant, the controller can be managed from the touch screen panel or remotely using a web browser. Remote management of the controller is carried out via LAN (Ethernet or Wi-Fi). For authorized Roger partners, the RCC512 SDK package is available.


  • standalone or networked operation as part of the RACS 5 access control system
  • www interface for remote management in standalone mode
  • remote management from the RACS 5 access control system software (VISO application)
  • support up to 512 cabinets
  • groups of cabinets (e.g. different sizes)
  • interface for an electric lock, door open sensor and busy indicator
  • cabinet assigned to the user (e.g. employee lockers)
  • cabinet assigned on-demand (e.g. pool cabinets)
  • operation in 1:N mode (multiple users assigned to one cabinet, e.g. mailboxes)
  • operation in N:N mode (multiple users with access to multiple cabinets, e.g. tool boxes)
  • operation in the storage mode (e.g. deposit lockers in shopping centres)
  • operation in Parcel Drop Box mode
  • cabinet groups with their own access reader
  • 7” touch control panel with built-in MIFARE® proximity reader
  • an optional external reader with Wiegand or EPSO 3 (Roger) interface
  • touch screen keyboard
  • possibility of identification using a mobile phone (BLE)
  • event logging and system operation reporting
  • LAN communication interface (Ethernet or Wi-Fi)
  • SDK for integration with third-party systems
  • 12 V power supply
  • post-warranty service and availability of spare parts for 10 years



Cabinet access controller with 7 ”touch control panel; standalone or network operation in RACS 5 system; support for up to 512 cabinets


SDK license for management of RCC cabinet access controller from third party systems; the license is required for each group of 32 cabinets


Web management application license; enables management of the system from web browser


Single cabinet license

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