UT-4DR v1.0.6.132

CPR32-NET-BRD v1.0.14.5556

PRT82MF v2.0.28.210
PRT82MF-BK v2.0.28.210

RUD-3-DES v2.3.0.56

MCI-3 v1.0.8.23
MCI-3-LCD v1.0.8.23
RLK-1 v1.0.3.18

MCT68ME-IO v2.1.0.307

MC16 v1.7.4.653
MC16-AZC v1.7.4.653

MCI-3 v1.0.6.21
MCI-3-LCD v1.0.6.21

CPR32-NET-BRD v1.0.14.5555

MCT80M-BLE v1.0.8.219
MCT88M-IO v1.0.8.219
MCT88M-IO v2.0.8.219

MCT80M-BLE v1.0.8.219
MCT88M-IO v1.0.8.219
MCT88M-IO v2.0.8.219

MC16 v1.7.4.624

MCT12E v1.1.0.303
MCT12E-BK v1.1.0.303
MCT12E-IO v1.1.0.303
MCT12E-BK-IO v1.1.0.303
MCT64E-IO v1.1.0.303
MCT66E-IO v1.1.0.303

MC16-AZC v1.7.4.624

MC16 v1.7.4.618

UT-4DR v1.0.6.125

MCT68ME-IO v2.1.0.306

MCT82M-BK v3.1.30.272
MCT82M-BK-IO v3.1.30.272

RFT1000 v1.4.4.153

MCT12M v2.1.30.266
MCT12M-BK v2.1.30.266
MCT12M-DES-IO v1.1.30.266
MCT12M-BK-DES-IO v1.1.30.266
MCT12M-IO v1.1.30.266
MCT12M-BK-IO v1.1.30.266
MCT62E v1.1.30.266
MCT80M v1.1.30.266
MCT82M v1.1.30.266
MCT82M-BK v1.1.30.266
MCT82M-IO v1.1.30.266
MCT82M-BK-IO v1.1.30.266
MCT82M-BK-IO v2.1.30.266
MCT82M-BK v2.1.30.266
MCT82M-IO-CH v1.1.30.266
MCT82M-IO-HR v1.1.30.266
MCT84M v1.1.30.266
MCT84M-BK v1.1.30.266
MCT84M-BK v2.1.30.266
MCT86M-IO-CH-HR v1.1.30.266
MCX2D v1.1.30.266
MCX4D v1.1.30.266

MCX102-BRD v1.1.0.303
MCX402-BRD v1.1.0.303

MCX2-BRD v2.0.30.266
MCX8-BRD v2.0.30.266

MC16 v1.6.6.566

MCT80M-BLE v1.0.6.193
MCT88M-IO v1.0.6.193

MCX102 v1.1.0.302
MCX402 v1.1.0.302

PR311SE v1.18.11.1372
PR411DR v1.18.11.1372
PR611 v1.18.11.1372
PR611 v2.18.11.1372
PR621 v1.18.11.1372
PR621 v2.18.11.1372

PRT12MF-DES v1.0.30.260
PRT12MF-DES-BK v1.0.30.260

CPR32-NET-BRD v1.0.14.5553

MC16 v1.6.6.518

PRT12MF v1.0.36.203
PRT62MF v1.0.36.203
PRT66MF v1.0.36.203

PRT64MF v1.0.36.203

MCT88M-IO v1.0.4.164
MCT80M-BLE v1.0.4.164

RFT1000 v1.4.4.148

MC16 v1.6.4.456

MCT88M-IO v1.0.4.150
MCT80M-BLE v1.0.4.149

PR821-CH v2.18.12.1464

MCX2D v1.1.18.212
MCX4D v1.1.18.212

MCT88M-IO v1.0.2.101

MCT82M-IO-CH v1.1.18.212

PR312MF → MCT12MF-IO v1.0.4.271
PR312MF → MCT12MF-BK-IO v1.0.4.271

MCX102DR v1.0.4.271

MC16 v1.5.2.337

MCT12M-DES-IO, MCT12M-BK-DES-IO v1.1.18.210

MCT12M, MCT12M-BK v2.1.18.210
MCT12M-IO, MCT12M-BK-IO v1.1.18.210
MCT62E v1.1.18.210
MCT82M, MCT82M-BK, MCT82M-IO, MCT82M-BK-IO v1.1.18.210
MCT84M, MCT84M-BK v1.1.18.210

MC16 v4.2.317
MCT12E, MCT12E-BK, MCT12E-IO, MCT12E-BK-IO v1.0.4.259
MCT64E-IO v1.0.4.259
MCT66E-IO v1.0.4.259
MCX102DR v1.0.4.259
MCX402DR v1.0.4.259

CPR32-NET v1.0.14.5543

MCX2D v1.1.16.196
MCX4D v1.1.16.196

MCT68ME-IO v2.0.4.264
PR602LCD → MCT68E-IO v1.0.4.264

MCT68ME-IO v2.0.4.262
PR602LCD → MCT68E-IO v1.0.4.262
PR821-CH v2.18.10.1453

PR302 v1.0.4.259
PR311SE v1.0.4.259
PR312 v1.0.4.259
PR402DR v1.0.4.259
PR602LCD-DT v1.0.4.259
PR611 v1.0.4.259
PR621 v1.0.4.259
MCT68ME v2.0.4.259

MC16 v1.3.2.285
MC16 v1.1.1.208

RFT1000 v1.3.2.94

MCT12E, MCT12E-BK, MCT12E-IO, MCT12E-IOBK v1.0.2.255
MCT64E-IO v1.0.2.255
MCT66E-IO v1.0.2.255
MCT68ME-IO v1.0.2.255
MCX102DR v1.0.2.255
MCX402DR v1.0.2.255
Firmware v1.0.2.255 for upgrade RACS 4 do RACS 5

PR312MF v1.18.08.1967

RFT1000 v1.2.6.54

PR102DR v1.18.08.1966
PR302 v2.18.08.1966
PR312EM v1.18.08.1966
PR312MF v1.18.08.1966
PR402 v2.18.08.1966
PR402DR v1.18.08.1966
PR402DR_12VDC v1.18.08.1966
PR602LCD v1.18.08.1966
PR602LCD-DT v1.18.08.1966
PR612 v1.18.08.1966
PR622 v1.18.08.1966
MCT82M-IOCH v1.x - v1.18.08.1966

MC16 v1.2.2.252

CPR32-SE v2.10.5083

UT-4DR v1.0.4.118

MC16 v1.1.1.204


MCT12, MCT82, MCT84, MCX2 and MCX8

Upgrade RACS 4 devices to the RACS 5 version

CPR32-NET v1.0.12.5522

PR602LCD-DT v1.18.06.1959

CPR32-SE v2.08.5071.

CPR32-SE v2.08.5071.

CPR32-NET v1.0.10.5517

RUD-2 USB EM 125 kHz reader v2.1.2.016
PRxx2 advanced access controllers vx.18.16.1947)

RUD-2 USB EM 125 kHz reader

PRT-EM (PRT12EM, PRT62EM, PRT64EM) and PRT-MF (PRT12MF, PRT62MF, PRT64MF) series vX.35.192

CPR32-NET v1.0.8.5432

PRT12MF-DES, PRT82MF v1.0.8.126 and PRT82MF, PRT84MF v2.0.8.126

UT-4DR v1.0.2.110

PRT84MF/PRT84MF-BK v1.0.6.118

UT-4DR v1.0.2.108

PRTxxEM and PRTxxMF series v1-2.35.164

RFT1000 v1.2.2.48

Patrol II LCD v2.8.2.099

UT-4DR v1.0.2.104

PR622 & PR622 v1.16.1681

UT-4DR v1.0.2.102

PRxx1 series vX.18.2.1300

UT-4DR v1.0.2.78

Standard access controllers v1-2.18.1281
Advanced access controllers v2.16.1665

UT-4 DR v1.0.2.77

PRxx2 series controllers v2.14.1629
UT-4 DR v1.0.0.71

PRTxxEM and >PRTxxMF proximity readers v1-2.34.148

PRTxxEM and PRTxxMF proximity readers v1-2.34.148

PRxx2 series controllers v2.12.1621

Firmware for standard and advanced access controllers

CPR32-SE v2.06.5028

PRTxxEM and PRTxxMF series v1-2.32.131

Standard access controllers v1-2.13.1241
Advanced access controllers v2.07.1604

CPR32-SE v2.06.5027

Advanced access controllers v2.05.1596

PRTxxEM and PRTxxMF series v1-2.31.124

PRTxxEM and PRTxxMF series v1-2.31.122

PR411DR v1.12.1230

Advanced access controllers v2.04.1557

Advanced access controllers v2.04.1553

Standard access controllers v1-2.11.1216

PRTxxEM and PRTxxMF series v1-2.29.112

Patrol II LCD v2.06.0093

PRTxxEM and PRTxxMF series v1-2.29.110

Drivers compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista for UT-4 interface

Advanced access controllers v2.04.1552

CPR32-SE v2.06.5024

CPR32-SE v2.05.5020

CPR32-SE v2.05.5010

PRxx2 series v 2.03.1540

PRxx2 series v2.03.1539

Patrol II LCD v2.06.0092

Firmware for PRT64MF
Firmware for PR611, PR621 and PR311SE, PR311SE-BK

PRxx2 series v2.03.1537

PRxx2 series v2.03.1534
PR611 and PR621 v1.09.1138.
CPR32-SE v2.05.5004
Opublikowano SDK do obsługi czytnika RUD-2.

Opublikowano Sterownik USB (driver) do czytnika PATROL II LCD.

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