RKDS v1.4.4 Released

The most significant improvements of RKDS v1.4.4:

RKD32 Electronic Key Cabinet:

  • Increased responsiveness of the cabinet operation
  • Support for one-time PINs, which allows for the implementation e.g. one-time access for a plumber in order to remove a failure
  • Ability to add a comment when getting or returning the key, which will be available in history. The need for such a comment usually arises in order to comment on the asset’s status or to provide information on the use of equipment, e.g. the car's odometer reading
  • Key usage statistics added. They allow you to determine which keys are outside the cabinet for the most time
  • TLS encrypted connection with RACS 5 system (VISO 2.0 required)
  • Possibility to record photos by the built-in camera of the panel at the time of getting/returning the keys. Photos can be used for later verification of the person
  • Sending email notifications about alarm events
  • Possibility of remote unlocking the key (e.g. from the built-in web interface). The function allows you to give the user a key to which he has no access, without the need to change the device configuration and physical presence at the depository
  • The number of expander cabinets (SLAVE) that can be attached to the cabinet with a control panel (MASTER) has been increased to 5 what enables total management of 192 keys by the system

RCC512 Cabinet Access Control Panel:

  • Groups of locker added. Groups allow splitting cabinets, e.g. according to their size. In this case, when depositing an item in storage or parcel drop box mode, you can indicate the size of the box needed to store the item. The RCC512 controller will assign a random lockbox from among the lockers belonging to the selected group
  • Parcel drop box mode added. In this mode, only the user with the "postman" permission may deposit items (parcels). When placing a parcel in a locker, the pickup code is either defined by the postman or automatically sent and emailed to the recipient. After entering the given pickup code, the user can collect the parcel from the machine. This mode of operation can be used wherever there is a need to forward internal mail

Related resources releases:


  •  RAACA Embedded Application for RKDS System and RCC512 Cabinet Access Control Panels

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