Auxiliary Equipment

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UT-4 firmware update

I would like to update firmware in UT-4 interface. How can I do it?

XM-2 and cooperation with PRT12 v1.3 reader

How to configure XM-2 module for operation with PRT12 v1.3 reader?

UT-4 interface restart

How to perform UT-4 interface restart?

Setting Flowcontrol mode in UT-4 interface

How to set Flowcontrol mode in UT-4 interface?

Changing virtual COM number when installing UT-4 interface

After the installation of UT-4 interface a virtual serial port COM5 was found. how to change COM number without installing UT-4 again?

UT-4 interface is not accesible in LAN

PAfter UT-4 communication interface is connected to the network there is no possibility to install it because it cannot be found by DigRealPort Setup Wizard.