RCP Master 3 T&A Analysis Software

RCP Master 3 - Time & Attendance Analysis

RCP Master 3 is a Windows OS software dedicated to time and attendance analysis. User attendance is registered electronically on T&A terminal (e.g. PR602LCD-DT) by means of dedicated ID (card, tag, key, fob, PIN, etc.). Registered events are processed by the software, which enables to analyse employee's attendance and calculates the total timework including overtime, night shifts, delegations, holidays, etc. The software is dedicated to HR departments in small, medium and big companies with versions for 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, or 1000 employees and for single or multiple workstations.


RCP Master 3 - Time & Attendance System

New features in RCP Master 3:

  • file or server MS SQL database
  • increased 1k limit for number of employees
  • unlimited number of workstations
  • customizable report templates
  • automatic and cyclic importing of events from external file
  • cumulative absence entering
  • cumulative absence limits entering
  • database integration with RACS 5 Access Control System


  1. Licensing system of RCP Master 3 software requires use of license key and connection of hardware key RUD-6-LKY. The hardware key must be connected to workstation with installed License Server service.
  2. Demo version can be used for the purpose of evaluation and testing free of charge during first 60 days after installation. Demo version requires license key (ordered straight from the software). Demo version does not require connection of the dongle.

If you have any questions regarding configuration and use of RCP Master 3 do not hesitate to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Order guide

Trial license to use the RCP Master 3 software for evaluation and testing purposes within 60 days from the date of activation

RCP Master 3 license for 25 employees; multiple workstations; does not require License Key file nor hardware key

RCP Master 3 license for 50 employees; single workstation

RCP Master 3 license for 100 employees; single workstation

RCP Master 3 license for 250 employees; single workstation

RCP Master 3 license for 500 employees; single workstation

RCP Master 3 license for 1000 employees; single workstation

License extension for one additional workstation; calculated as 20% of price for particular license version

Upgrade for RCP Master 3 consisting in the increase of employee's number is calculated as difference between new version and owned version within the price list valid on the day of an order

Upgrade from RCP Master 2 to RCP Master 3, calculated as 60% of price for particular license version

License hardware key


export to personnel and payroll programs
configuration and T&A events importing from RACS 4 and RACS 5 access control systems
data exchange (users, T&A modes and events) on database level
optional automatic assignment of daily working time in case of on-duty leave
serial operations (Absences, Leave limits)
definition of holidays and report on their usage
individual work time calendars with the possibility to correct calendars for particular employees (e.g. working in different time, changeover, etc.)
possibility to define standard and non-standard work time, support for multi-shift working system
support for paid/unpaid breaks and overtime (5 predefined types)
possibility to create any composition of reports, both cumulative for employee group and individual for particular employees
report Wizard for creating custom reports according to administrator requirements
custom reports templates wizard
report exporting in such formats as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Microsoft Excel (.xls) and Rich Text Format (.rtf)
possibility to define operator accounts for management of particular groups of employees
MS SQL CE or MS SQL Server database types
possibility of operation with database from third party software (own implementation of T&A events inserting by external system)
free of charge updates within the same versions of software
definition of access granting types, calendars, attendance and absence types, maximal and minimal attendance times (e.g. maximal daily break of particular type)
additional options related to late comings, early leavings, rounding the time for work start and end, inclusion of time before and after standard working hours, etc.
possibility to correct and insert missing T&A events and to modify absences


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