PR602LCD-DT T&A Terminal

PR602LCD-DT Access Controller

PR602LCD-DT-DT access controllers may operate as standalone access control units or in integrated access control system with CPR32-SE network controller.
In standalone mode PR602LCD-DT autonomously supervise two-way door passage and do not need to communicate with PC nor any other equipment, events are registered in their internal buffer and time related functions are managed by built-in real-time clock. System based on PR602LCD-DT controllers can be managed locally through COM/USB serial port or remotely by computer network WAN/LAN.
PR602LCD-DT is recommended to be use as T&A terminal for work time logging purposes. Unit is equipped with 4-line LCD display and a set of 4 programmable function keys, which can be used as register type choice buttons (entrance, exit, on-duty exit, etc.).

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PR602LCD-DT Access Controller
  • PR602LCD-DT-I 
    Indoor access controller with built-in
    EM 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz MIFARE proximity readers; keypad and LCD display

  • PR602LCD-DT-O 
    Outdoor access controller with built-in
    EM 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz MIFARE proximity readers; protective metal enclosure; keypad and LCD display


General featuresPR312EM, PR312MF, PR612, PR622, PR602LCD-DTPR102DRPR402DR
12 VDC supply+++
24 VDC, 18 VAC supply+
except for PR402DR-12VDC
Built-in EM 125 kHz proximity reader+
except for PR312MF
Built-in 13.56 MHz MIFARE proximity readerPR312MF, PR602LCD-DT
except for PR622
Mountable directly on a DIN rail++
Outdoor operation+
Programmable inputs/outputs3/32/28/4
First relay output1.5 A/30 V1.5 A/30 V1.5 A/30 V
Second relay output5 A
30 V or 230 VAC
Programmed manually
Programmed from PC+++
CE mark+++
RACS Clock&Data+++
Wiegand 26..66bitPR602LCD-DT only+
MagstripePR602LCD-DT only+
Operation with RFT1000 readers+++
Operation with long range readersPR602LCD-DT only+
Number of users4K4K4K
Built-in event buffer32K32K32K
Event buffer in network equipped with CPR32-NET33M33M33M
Real time clock with battery backup+++
User groups+++
Access zones+++
Access control in elevators+
XM-8 required
XM-8 required
XM-8 required
Local APB+++
Global APB (CPR32 required)+++
Advanced access options: two users mode, conditional access, high security mode+++
Hotel options
Operation with turnstiles+
XM-2 recommended
Operation with barriers+++
Random user inspection+++
Integration with T&A system (RCP Master)+++
Integration with intruder alarm system+++
Integration with CCTV system (CCTV-DVR)+++