RGBW Touch Controller in Roger Offer

Coming SoonRWX-4 is an intelligent flush-mounted RGBW lighting controller with a glass touch control panel. The controller allows both colour and brightness control.

The user can switch the RGB light between previously defined various colour combinations or adjust the colour smoothly passing through the colours of the spectrum. The panel allows colour configuration of the background illumination of graphic symbols as well as the background colours related to the on/off status of the controlled lighting. In the case when the switch is not used, the symbol illumination can automatically dim and remain in the pre-programmed level of brightness and colour. This function makes it possible to use the panel as a source of night lighting creating a pleasant atmosphere in the room in conditions of its darkening.

The device can work fully autonomously, or as part of a home automation system with the Roger Home Automation controller. It is possible to control the switch from the mobile application. Such control requires the presence of the aforementioned home automation controller or it can be done via a cloud-based server. Modern, minimalist external appearance and nice in aesthetics and durable in use glass touch panel allows the use of the device in both modern and traditional interiors.


  • Glass touch panel
  • Configuration of the colour of the graphic symbols
  • Automatic dimming of symbols after time
  • Signalling the lightning on/off status via panel background backlight
  • Standalone operation or as part of the home automation system
  • Mobile application for remote control
  • 12-24 VDC power supply
  • Outputs: R, G, B, W
  • Output load: 2 A/per channel (5 A total)
  • Connection to a Wi-Fi network
  • SDK for program integration purposes
  • Dimensions 90,0 x 90,0 x 10,0 mm

RWX-4 RGBW Touch Controller