Service Access Controller MC16-SVC

MC16-SVC Service Access Controller

The MC16-SVC controller is a hardware compatible controller with the MC16 series access controllers and intended for use as a demonstration or service device.
The MC16-SVC controller is delivered with a set of so-called service licenses that allow you to switch to it to an operating mode compatible with any functional version of the MC16 series controller. In particular, it can be configured to work as an access controller for 16 doors (MC16-PAC-16), a cabinet controller for 64 cabinets (MC16-LRC-64) or a classic elevator controller for 64 floors (MC16-EVC-64). Switching the controller to work in a specific functional variant is done by choosing the appropriate service license and in some cases, requires downloading the appropriate version of the firmware to the controller.
The controller operating time under the service license is limited to 30 days and is counted from the start date placed by the installer in the configuration file on the memory card. After the service license expires, the controller automatically suspends normal operation. In order to restart the work, it is necessary to set a new start date in the configuration file. The controller working time can be extended any number of times and the extension for another period may take place during the previous period.
It is possible to order a commercial license and use it instead of the original service license. The license from a returned faulty controller can be transferred to the service controller.
The service controller is offered as an independent electronic module and as part of the DB and PDK demo kits.

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MC16-SVC Service Access Controller

MC16 series controller with service license which can be used as a temporary replacement for any functional variant of MC16 controller