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Alarm Zone Controller MC16-IAC

MC16-IAC Alarm Zone Controller

The MC16-IAC alarm zone controller is a variation of the standard MC16 access controller, which has been depleted with functions related to handling of door access. The MC16-IAC controller is designed to control the state of alarm zones in the building and to present their current status.
Alarm zones can be controlled from the terminals by using an identifier or a command issued from the keyboard as well as from the input lines. Presentation of the zone status can be performed on LED indicators located on terminals and controller outputs. The current state of the zones can be presented on an ongoing basis in the system management program, which also enables the control of the zone status. Integration with the alarm control panel can be implemented in two ways. Both methods require 2 wired connection between MC16-IAC controller and the alarm control panel for each controlled zone.
In the first scenario, the MC16-IAC controller forces changing the state of the alarm zone by providing a dual state (latch) signal to input line of the control panel. In the second scenario, the MC16-IAC controller requests change of an alarm zone status by providing a momentary signal (pulse) to the control panel input, which if other circumstances allow (e.g. ready status), overrides the zone. In both scenarios, the control panel indicates the alarm zone status on the output line connected to input of the MC16-IAC configured to control zone status indication.
The MC16-IAC controller uses the same electronic module as the MC16 access controller and offers the same hardware expansion capabilities including external expanders and readers. Depending on the version, the MC16-IAC controller allows control of up to 16 alarm zones. Events related to the control of alarm zones are recorded in the RACS 5 database.
The MC16-IAC is utilized in these systems where there is a need for alarm system control by hardware and methods available in RACS 5 system but without door access control. If the system has to provide both functionalities (i.e. control of door access and alarm zones) the MC16-PAC series controllers are used.

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MC16-IAC Alarm Zone Controller

Intruder alarm controller; 2 alarm zones

Intruder alarm controller; 4 alarm zones

Intruder alarm controller; 8 alarm zones

Intruder alarm controller; 16 alarm zones

2 alarm zones extension for MC16-IAC controller


Versions of MC16-IAC Controller

access doors000
access points481632
access terminals8163264
access zones0000
alarm zones24816
power supplies481632
automation nodes24816
local commands481632
function keys163264128
access credentials8192819281928192
access doors per access point8888