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Advanced Access Zone Controller MC16-AZC

MC16-AZC Advanced Access Zone Controller

The MC16-AZC controller is a variation of the MC16 standard access controller (RACS 5 system) in which one of the access zones may be subject to additional, advanced access control mechanisms. These mechanisms include: the limit of entries, the limit of days with entries, the limit of days without entries and the group attendance limits.
The limit of entries determines the number of entries to the zone. The limit of days with access determines the number of days during which the access can be granted, however these days do not have to compose continuous time period. Both mentioned above mechanisms are usually used to control access to places where access is subject to fees (e.g. recreational facilities) or there is a need to restrict the number of entries (e.g. one time access for car driver who delivers goods). The limit of days without entries determines the number of consecutive days in which the user has not entered the zone and after reaching, whose access right will be automatically blocked. This function can be used to automatically block access in case the user loses or doesn’t return the identifier to the system administrator even though he or she is no longer operating in building. User group attendance limit disable access for users which belong to particular group which reached its attendance limit however access can be restored if the number of particular group drops below the limit. Along with optional LPR cameras, also served in RACS 5 system, this functionality is usually used to organize access control for car parks shared by many tenants of an office building.
All limits discussed above can be defined individually for each system user. Actual limit values can be read and amendment at any time from the system managing software. The MC16-AZC controller is hardware compatible with other controllers of the MC16 family and can support up to 16 door/gates, however only one of the controlled zones is being subject to the advanced access control functions discussed earlier.

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MC16-AZC Advanced Access Zone Controller

Parking access controller; 1-door license

Parking access controller; 2-door license

Parking access controller; 3-door license

Parking access controller; 4-door license

Parking access controller; N-door license (N=1-16)

1-door license extension for MC16-AZC controller


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 MC16-AZC Limits Table