Electronic Key Cabinet

RKD32 Electronic Key Cabinet

RKD32 electronic key cabinet is an electro-mechanic key management and monitoring system. Each monitored key is permanently attached to the RFID fob by the user. Key-fob attachment does not require any specialized tool or seal.
If considered necessary, key and fob can be paired by means of an additional seal. Keys stored in sockets are blocked mechanically. They can be collected solely by authorized users and according to predefined timetables. Optionally, the cabinet can be switched to office mode in which all keys are available for any user. Keys can be divided into two groups: internal and external. The key from the internal group can be collected by the user, if he/she returned earlier all keys belonging to the external group. The user can reserve the key for a certain week's time. It is also possible to set the maximum time for which a specific key can be picked up or the time when it has to be returned.
In case of emergency, all keys can be released by opening a cabinet’s enclosure by means of two individual mechanical keys. Any attempt to open the cabinet’s door or enclosure in a forced way is registered in the event log and can be signalled on the external device or system. RKD32 is managed from touch type graphical control panel with built-in proximity reader, which can control up to four cabinets (1 master RKD32 cabinet and 3 RKD32EXT extension cabinets). The User can be identified on a control panel or external reader with Wiegand interface or RS485 (Roger). Especially, it can be the RFT1000 fingerprint reader (Roger). Panel’s software offers a simple, icon based graphic interface which requires only short training before use.

Group of 4 Cabinets with Shared Control Panel
Group of 4 Cabinets with Shared Control Panel

RKD32 cabinets can be operated in standalone or networked. When in networked mode cabinet configuration and event monitoring is conducted by RACS5 access system (Roger). The same access credentials (card, PINs) can be used in the access control system and in RKD32. In standalone mode, the cabinet can be managed from the graphical panel or remotely, via a web browser. For integration with third party systems, the SDK is offered on individual terms.

Ordering guide

RKD32Electronic key cabinet with 7” touch control panel; 32 RFID ID fobs; key fobs attached to keys by user; external 12 V power supplyRKD32 Electronic Key Cabinet
RKD32EXTElectronic key cabinet without control panel; 32 RFID ID fobs; key fobs attached to keys by user; external 12 V power supply; connection to the RKD32 key cabinet is required RKD32EXT Electronic Key Cabinet
24 OptionDepositor with 24 key slotsRKD32 24 Option
16 OptionDepositor with 16 key slotsRKD32 16 Option
8 OptionDepositor with 8 key slotsRKD32 8 Option
SH OptionDepositor equipped with a motorized roller shutter instead of a door
The option excludes the ND and SG options
RKD32 SH Option
ND OptionNo door depositor for quick access to keys
The option excludes SG and SH options
RKD32 ND Option
SG OptionThe depositor is equipped with doors with anti-burglary glass class P2
The option excludes the ND and SH options
RP OptionDepositor with a control panel for wall mounting
The option does not apply to RKD32EXT
MK OptionKey to unlock the case in the Master Key system 
RKD32-MK-KEYSet of 2 keys for the Master Key cylinder 
RKD32KFRFID keyfob; 5 pcsRKD32KF RFID Keyfob
RKD32-SI-LICSDK license for management of RKD32 key cabinet from third party systems; the license is required for each RKD32/RKD32EXT key cabinet 
RKD32-AW-LICWeb management application license; the license is required for each RKD32/RKD32EXT key cabinet; enables management of the system from web browser 


  • operates standalone or as a part of the RACS 5 access control system
  • local management from a control panel
  • remote management from an embedded web browser
  • remote management from the RACS 5 access control system software (VISO application)
  • graphic control panel with a 7" touch screen
  • built-in MIFARE® and EM 125 kHz cards reader
  • support for Secure MIFARE® Sectors
  • optional identification on the external reader with Wiegand interface
  • optional identification on the external reader with RS485 EPSO 3 (Roger) interface
  • one-time PINs
  • user photo upon key take/return
  • 32 keys in the RKD32 main depositor
  • 32 keys in the RKD32EXT extension depositor
  • possibility to connect 3 RKD32EXT expansion depositors to the RKD32 main depositor
  • permanent connection of the key with the fob without the use of seals
  • possibility of using seals connecting the key with the fob
  • keys blocked mechanically in slots
  • contactless identification and key presence control via MIFARE® proximity key fob
  • time dependant access rights to keys
  • limitation of the number of keys taken by the user
  • an internal and external group of keys
  • two user option for keys
  • card + PIN authorization option
  • alert signalisation when key not returned within a predefined time
  • email notifications upon alarm events
  • free access to all keys when operating in Office Mode
  • option to return keys without user identification (Quick Key Return Mode)
  • fixed or variable key position mode
  • light indication of the slot with selected key
  • reservation of keys
  • key status comments
  • user activities reports
  • key usage reports
  • generating and sending reports
  • voice prompts
  • emergency unlocking of all keys via an external signal (e.g. from the fire protection system)
  • emergency unlocking of the keys
  • door opening detection
  • enclosure opening detection
  • metal enclosure in RAL7016 colour
  • metal cabinet:
    - RKD32: 535 x 935 x 183 mm (height x width x thickness)
    - RKD32EXT: 535 x 675 x 183 mm (height x width x thickness)
  • SG option: P2 class anti-burglary glass
  • RP option: Control panel for wall mounting
  • SH option: Electric roller shutter instead of depository door
  • MK option: Key to unlock the case in the Master Key system
  • ND option: Cabinet without door
  • CL option: Special lock cylinder
  • SDK
  • external 12 V power supply
  • 10 years of post-warranty service
  • no warranty service required


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