Touch Type Function Keys Panel

HRT82FK Touch Type Function Keys Panel

Touch type function keys panel is dedicated to PRxx1 and PRxx2 controllers (Roger) and operates on RACS CLK/DTA bus.
Using the device allows to define four additional function keys in controller with configurable purpose. It is usually used as a T&A mode selector or programmable touch buttons in building automation. As a part of hotel access control systems HRT82FK is mainly used by hotel guest to call hotel’s personnel or to order additional service.

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HRT82FK Touch Type Function Keys Panel
Indoor touch type function keys panel; screw terminals; dark grey enclosure; QUADRUS design


  • 12 VDC power supply
  • four touch type function keys
  • communication on RACS CLK/DTA lines
  • four LED indicators
  • buzzer with loudness control
  • tamper contact
  • configuration from PC computer (RogerVDM software)
  • indoor operation only
  • CE mark