RCP Master - Time & Attendance Analysis

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Defining overtime work in RCP Master

How to define overtime work in RCP Master software?

Sending reports to employees' e-mails

How to configure RCP MASTER so that it could automatically send e-mails with reports to the employees?

Counting work time on several stands

Is it possible to use RCP Master software to count work time of the employee that works on different machines (8 hours work time divided on several machines)?

Correction in work calendars

Can I make changes in work calendar of the employee, who will work off his absence another day?

Usage of RCP Master software

How to use RCP Master software?

Error during user T&A data import

During database import from PR Master software an error appears:

Error during T&A data import

What is the cause of the error and how can I fix it?

Individual work calendars

Is it possible to assign different calendar to each worker - if yes then how?

RCP events import to RCP Master software

How to import RCP events to RCP Master software ?

RCP events format which can be imported by RCP Master

What is the format of RCP events imported by RCP Master software?

RCP events export from PR Master software

How to export RCP events from PR Master software?

Available report formats

To which file formats reports can be exported?

Automatic event export/import in RCP Master software

How to configure system for automatic event export/import in RCP?