RACS - Management of Access Control System

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RACS and network operation

I have PR Master software installed on local computer. How to share RACS database with current configuration on local network?

PR Master automatic run in online monitoring mode

How to configure PR Master software to run automatically in ONLINE monitoring mode?

Manual change of T&A mode on ID0 terminal does not work

I have PR402 controller to which two PRT12 readers are connected: ID0 and ID1. After programming function [57]: "Set Predefined T&A mode (momentary)" on F1 and F2 function keys - and assigning [Entrance] and [Exit] to each key - change of the mode is possible on both terminals but proper [Entrance] and [Exit] mode is recorded only on ID terminal. ON ID0 terminal there is only default T&A mode event recorded. What is the cause?

Event report in Online Monitoring mode is empty

After „Events Report continuous update when in online monitoring” option is enabled the file does not update. After the events are read from the buffer the information „Events export has been made and saved to file...” appears, but despite this the csv file is not updated. How to fix the problem?

Attendance in Areas report

How to create in PR Master a report of user attendance in particular areas?

Daily report in Attendance zones

Is it possible to modify attendance report in PR Master so that it has to additional data: the hour of first entrance and the hour of last exit of the employee?

Incomplete menu in PR Master software

Why PR Master software does not display all the icons and buttons in software window?

Configuration import from RACS 4.2 to 4.3 and user limit

After the configuration import from RACS 4.2 to RACS 4.3 the list of users is limited to ID=999. How to import users with IDs over 999?

Creating attendance report in PR Master software

I have Entry and Exit events recorded and I don't have possibility to generate attendance reports in the software. How to solve it?

„File already exist. \LocEventsCache.DB” error in MS Vista/7

How to solve the problem „File already exist. \LocEventsCache.DB" generated during start of PR Master application under MS Vista OS?

RACS 3.3 to RACS 4.3 software update

I have got RACS 3 software and I would like to update it to RACS 4.3 . How to do it?

Safe PR Master update from 4.2.x.x to 4.3.x.x version

How to update PR Master from version 4.2.x.x to 4.3.x.x safely?

How to skip logging in procedure in PR Master

How to skip logging in procedure in PR Master software and activate autologin function?

F7 reader is not displayed on the the biometric readers list

During the process of adding fingerprint patterns F7 reader is not displayed on the the biometric readers list in "Import fingerprint templates" window.

Error during UT-2/UT-4 communication interface installation

During UT-2/UT-2USB/UT-4 interface installation Windows detects Microsoft Ballpoint or serial mouse device. After the installation I lost control over my mouse. How to fix the problem?