Users list format for import to PR Master software

In which format I have to prepare users list in order to import it to PR Master software? I would like to create the list in Excel.


CSV users list contains the following columns:

  • ID Number,
  • Name,
  • Surname,
  • T&A number,
  • Card number (hexadecimal format),
  • Encrypted PIN code,
  • User type,
  • Group number,
  • Right for On-duty exit (in User window),
  • Active user,
  • Path to photo,
  • Comment 1,
  • Comment 2,
  • Comment 3,
  • Comment 4.

An example is presented below:

100,Mauro,Levine,3333,0B000B981B,9Hi2S5V34xYi5et1RyBY4Q==,48,3,False,True,comment 1,comment 2,comment 3,comment 4