PRT reader in terminal mode does not read any cards

After PRT reader is connected to an access controller the device does not react on card. After some time all LEDs are blinking. What is the cause?


Blinking LEDs on PRT reader inform that communication with access controller is not established. There may be two causes: either it is fault in CLK and DTA lines connection or ID address conflict. If controller operates with two readers they have to be properly addressed. The reader, which is built in controller always has ID=1 address, so the additional reader has to be ID=0 assigned. Each new PRT reader has ID=0 address programmed by default, so it is very important to assign addresses 0 and 1 to new readers when connecting to PR402 controller. Procedure how to assign ID is described in each reader's manual in "Reader's operating modes" section. After proper ID assignment problem will be solved.