Installation and configuration of F10 reader

How to start work with F10 biometric reader and how to configure the reader for work with access controller, for example PR402?


In order to configure F10 reader for work with access controller the first step is to connect the reader directly to a PC or TCP/IP network. If the reader is intended for connection with RACS RS-485 line through UT-2 or UT-4 interface it is necessary to change baudrate speed to 9600. Assuming the first connection to be performed by COM port please follow these steps:

  1. Run ZK Software,
  2. Click Device Manager,
  3. Click Add in order to add new reader to the list,
  4. Point Serial Port/RS485 from the list,
  5. Select COM port to which reader is connected,
  6. Optionally type custom reader name in Name field,
  7. Click Test connection in order to verify the connection and click OK,
  8. Choose the reader from the list on the left and click Communication  tab,
  9. In the lower part of the window click Read options and fill values in Communication options section,
  10. Choose BaudRate from the list - 9600 and press Set Options button,
  11. After settings are send it is critical to make restart of the reader (for example by switching power off).

After the speed of serial transmission is set either RS232 or RS485 (through Roger interface) or TCP/IP connection can be used. The reader should be connected to the controller by it's Wiegand output line.