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Verification of firmware of PRTxxEM/MF readers

How to verify current firmware version of PRTxxEM reader?

Typical PRTxxEM reader installation in standalone mode

I would like to use PRT12EM reader to control electromagnetic lock. I also would like to connect door contact and Exit button. on the other side of door. How to make the cable connections?

Restoring factory defaults in F7 biometric reader

How to clean all memory of F7 biometric reader to delete all finger-prints and to set factory settings?

Configuration of PRT66EM terminal for simple standalone work

How to configure PRT62EM or PRT66EM terminal for simple standalone mode and how to program cards or key fobs?

Users list format for import to PR Master software

In which format I have to prepare users list in order to import it to PR Master software? I would like to create the list in Excel.

Connection of GP60A reader to PRxx2 controller

How to configure and connect GP60A reader to PRxx2 series controller?

PRTXXEM/MF readers configuration and communication interface

Is communication interface necessary to configure PRTxxEM/MF reader?

Locking Q5 card against writing

Is it possible to lock Q5 card against writing?

How to import card serial numbers in hexadecimal format to PR Master?

I have a list of card serial numbers of the cards in Excel file, each number is a 10-digiit alphanumeric code. Is there possibility to import a list of serial numbers in hexadecimal format directly to PR Master software?

Card serial numbers export from MiniReader to PR Master

How to export card numbers from MiniReader software to PR Master?

Q5 cards programming

Is there possibility to program serial numbers in Q5 cards using RUD-2 reader and RARC software?

Installation and configuration of F10 reader

How to start work with F10 biometric reader and how to configure the reader for work with access controller, for example PR402?

Setting PRT12 reader for simple standalone work

How to configure PRT12 reader for simple standalone work?

Adding new user/card NORMAL type in PRTxxEM/MF

How to add new user/card NORMAL type in PRTxxEM/MF?

PRT reader in terminal mode does not read any cards

After PRT reader is connected to an access controller the device does not react on card. After some time all LEDs are blinking. What is the cause?