Integration with INTEGRA Alarm Control Panels

The RACS 5 system offers the possibility of software integration with INTEGRA series alarm control panels (SATEL). This integration is implemented through the so-called a virtual controller that is running on an access control system server that communicates with the INTEGRA alarm control panel via the ETHM-1 interface.

The integration concept makes it possible to control the state of the alarm zone from the level of RACS 5 terminals and present their current status on their LED indicators and outputs. The zone arming control can be done by means of identifiers, function keys, buttons connected to the input lines or remotely from the level of the system management software. The events that occurred in the alarm system are displayed on an ongoing basis in the access control system software and registered in its database.

In response to selected events of the alarm system, the access control system may trigger previously defined actions. The authorizations for alarm zone control are defined as all other types of authorizations available in the RACS 5. Controlling the alarm system from the level of the access control system does not block, but only extends the available methods of controlling alarm zones. The RACS 5 system can simultaneously work with multiple INTEGRA control panels.


  • Registration of events from the control panel in the access control system database
  • Monitoring of events from the control panel in the software managing the access control system
  • Ability to define software and hardware responses to events from the alarm system
  • Control of the arming status of the control panel alarm zones from the level of access terminals and access control system software
  • Presentation of the alarm zones status on access terminals and outputs
  • Authorisations for alarm zones control functions
  • Operation with multiple control panels within one access control system

Integration with INTEGRA Alarm Control Panels