Asset Tracking in RACS 5 Access Control System

As part of the service of the supervised object, the RACS 5 system offers the possibility of asset tracking. This functionality consists of:

  • control of asset movement (cars, trucks, containers, etc.)
  • verification of users authorizations to borrow asset (keys, tools, cars, weapons, etc.)
  • tracking asset current status and location (available, borrowed, reserved)

The system offers the possibility of dividing asset into different categories and managing them in an individual way. Each item to be controlled in the RACS 5 system must be registered in its database as asset. The object can be assigned with identifiers in the same way as other system users and can be granted authorizations for selected system functions, e.g. access to the car park, access to the warehouse, automation control, etc. On the other hand, it is possible to define the authorizations which will allow system users to take and use certain type of asset.

Asset Tracking in RACS 5 Access Control System

Authorization for asset can be defined in the same way as authorizations to other system functions (access, automation control, alarm system control, etc.) and can be time-depended (schedules, calendars, validity interval). The verification of authorization for asset collection and use can be performed by a designated person (doorman, warehouseman, security guard) and conducted directly from the system management software (VISO) or by means of dedicated access terminal equipped with card reader and display (e.g. MCT88M-IO). The procedure of such verification requires indication of the action (e.g. borrowing, returning, reservation), selection of the asset (e.g. by reading the bar code or proximity identifier assigned to the asset) and identification of user who wants to perform given action (e.g. by reading its identifier).

After this procedure, the system executes indicated action and updates the status of the asset or, if for some reason this action is not allowed (e.g. because of lack of proper authorization of user), the system rejects the request. Events related to monitored asset are recorded in the system event log.

The asset tracking functionality offered by the RACS 5 system is mainly intended for the management of keys and other items with significant material value or impact on the safety of the facility's operation. In addition to the main purpose, asset tracking functionality can also be used to manage the flow of asset in warehouses.