VISO Software to RACS 5 Setup and Management

VISO ST Standard, Freeware Software for Configuration and Management of RACS 5 System

VISO program is a Windows OS software dedicated to RACS 5 setup and management. VISO application is available in two versions: VISO ST and VISO EX.


The VISO ST is a RACS 5 standard version of the program, which offers advanced access control, building automation and alarm system control/presentation functions.


VISO EX Extended, Licensed Software for Configuration and Management of RACS 5 System

The VISO EX version provides a certain group of additional features not available within VISO ST. Functions provided within VISO EX depend on purchased license.

    VISO EX provides following extra features:
  • system division to landlord-tenant partitions
  • support for KGC KONE elevator system
  • integration with third party systems through Integration server


Integration Server Service for Integration with Third Party Building Systems

Integration Services Server
RACS 5 system can be integrated with third party systems based on Integration Services Server which enables access to RACS 5 database as well as management of the RACS 5 system (e.g. settings synchronization, control commands, credentials and users management).

Ordering guide

RACS 5 system management software;  standard version; does not require License Key nor hardware key; license registration available

Can be used for the purpose of evaluation and testing free of charge during first 90 days after license file activation, trial version requires license key ordered straight from the software and does not require connection of hardware key

RACS 5 system management software;  extended version;  license activation requires License Key file and hardware key (RUD-6-LKY); license registration available; price depends on the license components; following license components are available:

  • LIC-VISO-EX-AD  Single door license
  • LIC-VISO-EX-PCA  Single partition license
  • LIC-VISO-EX-EVK  License for integration with KONE elevator system
  • LIC-VISO-EX-IS-50  Integration Server license for systems up to 50 users
  • LIC-VISO-EX-IS-100  Integration Server license for systems up to 100 users
  • LIC-VISO-EX-IS-250  Integration Server license for systems up to 250 users
  • LIC-VISO-EX-IS-500  Integration Server license for systems up to 500 users
  • LIC-VISO-EX-IS-1000  Integration Server license for systems up to 1000 users
  • LIC-VISO-EX-IS-2000  Integration Server license for systems up to 2000 users
  • LIC-VISO-EX-IS-4000  Integration Server license for systems up to 4000 users
  • LIC-VISO-EX-IS-8000  Integration Server license for systems up to 8000 users
  • LIC-VISO-EX-IS-NL  Integration Server license for systems above 8000 users
  • LIC-VISO-EX-VC-ATRK  Virtual controller license with equipment tracking functionality
  • LIC-VISO-EX-IS-UPG  VISO EX upgrade is calculated as a price of a new license reduced by the price of already owned license

Software hardware key


  • freeware license (refers only to VISO ST)
  • no door limit
  • no active access credential limit (does not refer to credential limit on the particular controller)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 file database
  • Microsoft SQL Server database
  • custom authentications policies
  • multifunction inputs
  • multifunction function keys
  • multifunction control commands
  • custom definitions of output modulation
  • client-server architecture
  • classic elevator integration
  • Integration Server (refers only to VISO EX)
  • landlord-tenant partitions (refers only to VISO EX)


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 VISO - Start Page VISO - Access Doors Monitor
 VISO - CCTV Live View VISO - Event Log
 VISO - Remote Authorization Monitor VISO - Map Monitoring
 VISO - Attendance Zone CCTV Monitor VISO - Access Points
 VISO - Alarm Zones Monitor VISO - Automation Nodes Monitor
 VISO - Attendance Zone Occupancy Monitor VISO - Biometric Authentication Editor
 VISO - Card Templates Designer VISO - Access User Persons