RACS 5 v1.2 Released


VISO ST v1.2 software:

  • implemented support for centralized MS SQL database (Express, Business, Enterprise)
  • cancelled limit for maximal number of active Credentials
  • cancelled limit for maximal number of system Operators
  • implemented unlimited operation with multiple workstations


RCP Master v3.2 software:

  • implemented free of charge version with 25 users limit
  • implemented unlimited operation with multiple workstations for free of charge version with up to 25 users


New major functionalities included:

  • implemented Add Access Controller Wizard to facilitate controller detection in VISO software
  • improved Add Access Door Wizard
  • implemented function for restoring manually activated states of such objects as Access Doors, Automation Nodes, etc. after configuration upload
  • implemented support for readers with card holder and controller reaction for card inserting/removing
  • implemented function for manual door opening for unlimited time
  • implemented simplified Authorization defining (Basic Authorizations)
  • implemented blocking of users who evaded certain Access Points (Perimeter Zones)
  • implemented Internal Points which enable access only if user entered Access Zone where the Internal Points belong to
  • implemented support for bidirectional portals (turnstiles)
  • implemented on-line function server which enables defining of complex processes to control system by software started on system communication server
  • implemented Global Commands which enable executing of complex control commands from operator console or external system
  • implemented automatic synchronization of controller clocks
  • implemented configuration of power supply units (new object: Power Supply)
  • implemented configuration of terminal displays (new object: Display)
  • implemented automatic upload of configuration to controllers at operator defined time
  • implemented data export to third party programs (Optima, Symfonia, Gratyfikant, RCP Access, Teta, WF-GANG, Asseco)
  • implemented authorizations options for action resulting from user login at Access Point
  • implemented default Roles which include predefines authorizations for system operators
  • improved Attendance Zone Monitor
  • improved Event Filters with additional filtering criteria

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