RACS 5 v1.6.6 Released


The most significant improvements of RACS 5 v1.6.6:

  • Integration with RKD32 Key Cabinet System
  • Improvement of Visitors Log Book
  • NFC/BLE mobile ID issued in VISO program
  • NFC/BLE mobile ID delivery by QR/E-mail
  • Selective synchronisation of users without the need for full system synchronisation
  • Presentation of Attendance Zone for users and visitors
  • Access User Asset included in definition of the Partition
  • Support for devices utilizing RSTP type stream
  • Printer module
  • Print Evacuation Report upon event
  • Redirect to COM Port upon event
  • Improvement of Event Monitor
  • Simultaneous synchronisation of RFT1000 fingerprint readers
  • Corrected LAN communication error resulting in restart of MC16 controller

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