RACS 5 v1.6 Released


The most significant improvements of RACS 5 v1.6:

  • Integration with GALAXY DIMENSION (HONEYWELL) alarm system
  • Integration with VMS XProtect (MILESTONE) video management system
  • Visualization and control of the INTEGRA (SATEL) alarm system on the facility map
  • New actions upon event: send a text (SMS), send an email with attendance report, send T&A report to file
  • Temporary authorisations for users and groups
  • User authorisation assignment via Active Directory
  • User authorisations disable upon a status change in Active Directory
  • T&A reports in the VISO Web application
  • Automatic attendance reports on email
  • Random PIN creation and delivery to a user by email or SMS
  • User credential usage limits reset by schedule (MC16-AZC)
  • Support for the MC16-SVC service controller
  • Configuration settings copying between controllers
  • New system diagnostic functions
  • Improved Access Door Monitor, Map Monitoring, Attendance Zone Occupancy Monitor, Partitions

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