RACS 5 v1.4 Released


The most significant improvements of RACS 5 v1.4:

  • User identification with mobile device (Bluetooth and NFC)
  • User identification with QR codes
  • User identification based on License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Configurable limit for number of entries to controlled area
  • Configurable time limit for entries to controlled area in days
  • Configurable absence time for expiration of access in days
  • Supervised entry (two users required)
  • Access door monitor
  • Automation point monitor
  • Alarm zone monitor
  • Assets status monitoring
  • Presentation of number of users in access zone on system displays
  • Presentation of unoccupied spots in access zone on system displays
  • Asset status tracking (borrow and return functionality)
  • Configuration of authorizations for asset borrowing/renting
  • Proximity card template designing and printing
  • Group occupancy limits (MC16-AZC controller)
  • Hotel request signaling support: Do not disturb, Make up room, Call assistance, Luggage carry call, Service request (MC16-HRC controller)
  • Improved online map monitoring
  • Improved user exporting and importing
  • Visitor wizards
  • Items vending based on user proximity card (PoS)
  • Automatic detection of access controllers in LAN
  • Encrypted communication on RS485 bus

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