I/O Expander with Wiegand Interface

MCX402-BRD I/O Expander with Wiegand Interface

The MCX402-BRD is a RACS 5 system I/O expander dedicated to manage 1 read-in/read-out or 2 read-in doors.
The device is equipped with supervised buffered power supply and set of IO lines including 2 relay outputs. Two Wiegand readers or two PRT series readers (RACS CLK/DTA interface) can be connected to the expander however, for PRT readers, the internal firmware must be altered. MCX402 provides 0.2 A supply output for the readers and 1.0A supply output for door equipment (lock, siren, etc.). The expander is supplied from 18V/40VA transformer and connected to the access controller through RS485 lines. Any type of signal wires can be used for RS485 lines and laid down using free cable topology.
Optionally expander can be supplied from 18V/50VA transformer and supported by PS1A-LCK power supply module. In such a case the entire system offers 2 x 1.0 A and 2 x 0.2 A supply outputs. MCX402 is offered as an electronic module dedicated to installation on DIN rail or as an element of the MCX402-1-KIT (1 door) expander kit.


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MCX402-BRD I/O Expander with Wiegand InterfaceMCX402-BRD
Door expander; battery charge and maintenance; 1.2 A supply output; 18 VAC/40 VA supply; 2 Wiegand readers interface


  • 2 door expander for RACS 5 system
  • supports 2 Wiegand readers (26-66bit)
  • supports 2 PRT series readers (RACS CLK/DTA)
  • 8 inputs NO/NC
  • relay output 1.5 A
  • relay output 5.0 A
  • 2 transistor outputs 1.0 A
  • supply output 1.0 A
  • supply output 0.2 A
  • supplied from 18 VAC/12 VDC/24 VDC
  • built-in supervised 1.5 A power supply
  • supports 7 Ah battery
  • RS485 free topology
  • CE mark