Door Expander

MCX2D Door Expander

The MCX2D is an 2 door IO expander dedicated for the RACS 5 system. Apart from the IO lines, it distributes power supply and RS485 communication bus to the controlled doors.
For each door it provides 2 signal inputs, 2 control outputs, 2 supply outputs and communication interface to readers. The door circuits are electrically separated what assures that in case of malfunction or sabotage, the problem which occurred on single door is not propagated to other doors.
The MCX2D is supplied from the external 13.8 VDC power supply which provides energy for the entire door control system including door locks and readers. For each controlled door the 1.2 A current is reserved. In case of main supply failure, entire system is supplied from the reserve battery which is connected to the MCX2D module and charged with selectable 0.3-0.9 A current.
The electronic module is equipped with removable screw terminals which simplify installation and replacement of the module.

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MCX2D Door Expander

2-door expander; battery charge and maintenance; 13.8 VDC supply 


  • power supply distribution to 4 doors
  • communication bus distribution
  • 4 inputs 2EOL
  • 4 outputs 12 V/1 A
  • 2 supply outputs 12 V/1 A
  • 2 supply outputs 12 V/0.2A
  • RS485 interface to access controller
  • battery deep discharge protection
  • supply reporting to access controller
  • 0.3 A, 0.6 A or 0.9 A battery charging current
  • supplied from 13.8 VDC/3 A power supply