Communication Interface to KGC Elevator System

MCI16-EVK Communication Interface to KGC Elevator System

MCI16-EVK communication interface is dedicated to integration of RACS 5 system with an elevator system supervised by KONE Group Controller (KGC).
The access to elevators is managed by MC16-EVK access controllers and their access terminals (MCT, PRT or Wiegand). Terminals can be installed both at the entry to elevator car (DOP – Door Operated Point) and inside the car (COP – Car Operated Point).
The access controller identifies users who read their credentials at terminals and sends call requests to KGC. The call includes information on user’s access rights to specific floors. When the call is received then KGC dispatches one of elevators to the floor where user is located. User with rights to multiple floors can select particular floor from elevator panel. The access control system can call specific type of elevator (e.g. freight, passenger, special). This call type can be statically invoked on the level of call point (terminal) and user (e.g. for handicapped person) or selected dynamically at the terminal using function key or identification type (e.g. short or long card reading).
The integration requires single MCI16-EVK interface regardless of the number of applied MC16-EVK access controllers. MCI16-EVK must be operated in LAN with access controllers and KGC.

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MCI16-EVK Communication Interface to KGC Elevator System

Communication interface dedicated to integration between RACS 5 access system and elevator system managed by KONE Group Controller (KGC)


  • communication interface for KGC elevator system
  • MC16 series hardware module
  • configuration with file on memory card
  • 18 VAC/12 VDC/24 VDC power supply
  • connection of 7 Ah battery
  • power output 1.0 A
  • power output 0.2 A
  • RS485 communication interface
  • connection of 4 Wiegand terminals (D0, D1, BUZZ, LED)
  • connection of 4 PRT series terminals (RACS CLK/DTA)
  • connection of 16 MCT series terminals (RS485)
  • DIN rail installation
  • CE mark