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MCT86M-IO-CH-HR MIFARE Proximity Reader

The MCT86M-IO-CH-HR is a RACS 5 system terminal dedicated to hotel installations. The main function of the device is to disable the electric supply of the room during the time when a guest is absent and to indicate and control such hotel signalisations as Luggage Service, Make Up Room, Cafeteria, Do Not Disturb.
The controller’s reaction for a card in/out can be programmed and depends on its authorization. The terminal offers 4 control buttons and status LEDs dedicated to control and present the status of hotel signalisations. The built-in IOs can be used to control electric equipment (e.g. door lock, siren, electrical supply) and for connection of push buttons, switches and sensors (e.g. light switches, door contact, window contact). Along with the entry terminal (MCT82M-IO-HR) the MCT86M-IO-CH-HR can compose the set of hardware which enables access control and basic hotel room automation.
Using RACS 5 Integration Server, a third party application can monitor system operation and provide an extra functionality which is not originally available in the system. The terminal operates with encrypted MIFARE® proximity cards, which protects the system from the use of non-native cards and cloning of the original ones. The logic of the entire system is provided by the controller, to which the terminal is connected through the RS485 addressable communication bus.

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MCT86M-IO-CH-HR MIFARE Proximity Reader
Access terminal; MIFARE Ultralight/Classic/Plus/DESFire; card holder; 4 function keys; 4 status LEDs; 12 V supply; QUADRUS series design


  • MIFARE Ultralight/Classic/DESFire/Plus card reader
  • 4 large touch type function keys
  • 4 status LEDs
  • 3 EOL inputs
  • 2 transistor outputs 150 mA
  • 1 relay output 1.5 A
  • adjustable buzzer loudness
  • automatic LED dimming when in standby
  • connection to the controller through RS485
  • 12 VDC supply
  • tamper
  • indoor operation only
  • dimensions: 85.0 x 155.5 x 21.5 mm (height x width x thickness)
  • QUADRUS series product line
  • CE mark