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Door Expander Kit

MCX402-1-KIT Door Expander Kit

Door expander kit for one door. The kit consists of the metal enclosure with a power supply unit and IO expander. The controlled doors can be managed on both, read-in and read-out side, by RACS CLK/DTA (PRT series readers) or Wiegand readers. Door lock and readers are supplied from the controller’s onboard supply outputs capable to deliver respectively 0.2 A and 1.0 A.
The entire system is supplied from the 24 VDC/50 W mains power supply unit included in the kit. The door expander is connected with the access controller through RS485 bus.

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MCX402-1-KIT Door Expander Kit

1-door expander kit; ME-14-24V metal enclosure; MCX402-BRD I/O expander


  • access expander kit for one door
  • read-in/read-out door control
  • MCX402-BRD IO expander
  • interface to 2 RACS CLK/DTA readers (PRT series)
  • interface to 2 Wiegand readers
  • supply output 0.2 A
  • supply output 1.0 A
  • 0.3 A battery charging current
  • deep battery discharge protection
  • tamper contact
  • space for 7 Ah battery
  • 24 VDC/50 W power supply unit
  • metal enclosure
  • dimensions (external):
    255.0 x 255.0 x 90.0 mm (height x width x thickness)