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Access Control Kit

MC16-PAC-3-KIT Access Control Kit

Access control kit for three doors. The kit consists of metal enclosure with power supply, networked access controller and IO expander.
The controlled doors can be managed on both, read-in and read-out side, by RS485 (MCT series readers). In case the RACS CLK/DTA (PRT series readers) or Wiegand readers are used, only one door can be controlled on two sides while the reaming one can be controlled on one side only.
Each controlled door has separate 0.2 A supply output for readers and 1.0 A supply output for lock and other door equipment. The back-up battery charging current can be set to 0.3 A, 0.6 A or 0.9 A. Entire system is supplied from the power supply included in the kit.

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MC16-PAC-3-KIT Access Control Kit

3-door access control kit; ME-16 metal enclosure; MC16-PAC-3 access controller module; MCX4D I/O expander; PS4D power supply


  • access control kit for three doors
  • read-in/read-out door control
  • MC16-PAC-3 networked access controller
  • MCX4D IO expander
  • interface to 4 RACS CLK/DTA readers (PRT series)
  • interface to 4 Wiegand readers
  • 4 supply outputs 0.2 A
  • 4 supply outputs 1.0 A
  • 0.3 A/0.6 A/0.9 A battery charging current
  • deep battery discharge protection
  • tamper contact
  • space for 17 Ah battery
  • power supply 13.8 V/5 A
  • metal enclosure
  • dimensions (external):
    305.0 x 325.0 x 100.0 mm (height x width x thickness)