PR Master Software for Access Control System Management

PR Master - Access Control System Management

PR Master software pack includes programs for management of RACS 4 access control system.


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Basic license for software dedicated to management of RACS system.
License is distributed free of charge and does not require any key


Support for all PRxx1 and PRxx2 access controllers
Up to 32 controllers in single network
Up to 250 networks integrated in one system
Communication with networks through serial port (COM, USB) or computer network (LAN/WAN)
Real-time events monitoring on local and remote computers
Support for proximity readers: EM 125 kHz, EM 125 kHz long range, 13.56 MHz MIFARE®
Support for biometric readers
Interactive commands to controllers
Operator selectable filtering of events
Online events reports to text files
Event notifications via email
Attendance reports in any user defined areas
Time and attendance recording
Integration with other systems: T&A, CCTV, Intruder Alarm, Fire Alarm, BMS
Integration with Integra alarm system (Satel)
Visualization of working system on graphical background (facility plans)
Configurable auto-backup
Different access levels for program operators
Paradox (BDE) database
Export/import of database to XML format files
OLE Automation SDK
Technical requirements
Hardware: 800 MHz processor or higher, 512 MB RAM memory or more (1 GB recommended)
Operating systems: 32-bit from Windows XP upwards, 64-bit from Windows Vista upwards
Note: MS Vista requires Service Pack 1


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Access Control Management - Main WindowAccess Control Management - Controller Proprieties - Terminal ID1Access Control Management - Controller Proprieties - AccessAccess Control Management - User Proprieties - GeneralAccess Control Management - User Proprieties - IdentificationAccess Control Management - Online MonitoringAccess Control Management - Graphical ViewAccess Control Management - Attendance AreasAccess Control Management - EventsAccess Control Management - Filter ConfigurationAccess Control Management - UsersAccess Control Management - T&A Registration ScheduleAccess Control Management - OptionsAccess Control Management - Access to Floors and ElevatorsAccess Control Management - Access Point Monitor